Karl Bryan O'Quinn

From dishwasher in the old Chautauqua hotel, when he was 16 years old, to secretary-manager of rhe West Coast Title company and a candidate for county clerk of Pinellas is a big jump, but Karl B. O’Quinn made it, and in not many years, either. Mr. O’Quinn has held many responsible positions since that first one he had when he came to St. Petersburg and he has done the work thoroughly no matter what it was.

Mr. O’Quinn was born in Kissimmee, June 3, 1893 and was graduated from the high school there after going through the grammar school. He then went to work coming to St. Petersburg in July, 1909. He selected this city as he believed that there was greater opportunity here for a young man. His father, B. J. O’Quinn, lives in Kissimmee and his mother lives in St. Petersburg. Mr. O’Quinn married Miss Myrtle Brown in Belleair, in May, 1917, and they have one child, a little girl, Doris, who is nearly four years old.

Mr. O’Quinn is chairman of the Civitan club, treasurer of the St. Petersburg Reality board, and secretary-treasurer of the Florida Association of Title Men. He was assistant to the director of finance for several years and was also assistant to County Clerk, J. N. Brown. He also held a state position under Ernest Amos, state comptroller. He served as a member of the last charter board and was elected city commissioner to succeed Col. John J. Woodside but declined the office.

Mr. O’Quinn, who lives here at 248 Oakdale avenue, is a Mason and an Elk and a member of the Baptist church. His favorite recreation is baseball and he detests making a speech. Mr. O’Quinn says that St. Petersburg needs to get rid of selfishness and to follow the golden rule to go ahead even faster. He contributes his success to his earnest desire to get ahead, hard work and the help and confidence of his employees. 

Source: Evening Independent: 1-19-1924

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