Charles H. Bon

Some men go to lodge once or twice a week, but Charles H. Bon goes every day except Sunday. He puts in most of his time at the lodge rooms for he is now secretary of all Masonic bodies and has his office in the Masonic temple where he attends to the business affairs of the organizations Every Mason in St. Petersburg, whether a resident or a visitor knows Mr. Bon.

Mr. Bon was born in Grand Haven, Michigan, May 31, 1867 and attended the public schools in that town, going through the high school. He had a mechanical turn of mind and early was interested in engines. He went to sea when a young man and continued in the engine rooms of ocean steamers for a great many years until he came to Florida to escape the cold weather in the North.

Mr. Bon went first to Jacksonville where he was employed as engineer on a steamer that piled between Jacksonville and Palm Beach. After four years there he came to St. Petersburg in 1914 where he engaged in the soft drink business, handling Buidwine. He stayed ashore until the World war and then, when there was need for men to operate the ships of this country Mr. Bon went back to sea. He was chief engineer on shipping board vessels that carried supplies to the Belgians. He made the trip across the Atlantic many times and had narrow escapes from subs.

During the war Mr. Bon injured his leg and for several years was unable to walk, most of the time. The injury took long to heal and that was the reason he gave up his work on steamers.

Mr. Bon married May E. Walker in Grand Haven, in 1899, and they have three children now living, Charles Bon, Lewis W. Bon and Bessie May Bon. They live at 1910 Fourth street south.

Mr. Bon’s favorite author is Kipling and his favorite recreation is doing things for others. He dislikes most of anything sitting down doing nothing. Mr. Bon belongs to all the Masonic bodies in St. Petersburg.

Source: Evening Independent: 2-1-1924

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