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Ocala Banner: 1-1-06

Ocala Banner: 1-1-06

Ocala Banner: 10-15-1909

Ocala Evening Star: 9-2-1902

Ocala Evening Star: 3-1-1902

Evening Independent: 12-4-1923

Daily Florida Citizen: 8-15-1895

Ocala Banner: 1-1-06

Miss Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross and probably the most widely known American woman of her day, died at her home, Red Cross, in Glen, Echo, Md., Saturday morning. She was ninety years old.  4-15-1912

Buffalo Bill’s Widow Now Rests With Him

Denver, Nov. 2…The body of Mrs. William Cody lies today in the grave with her husband, Buffalo Bill, at the top of Lookout Mountain, near Golden, Colo. In carrying out the wish of the widow that she be buried with her husband, it was necessary to place her casket directly over that of her husband in a crypt blasted from a solid mountain rock. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-2-1921


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