Religion was a big part of our ancestors life and there was plenty written "Between The Pages" about it. Together we will learn how their faith sustained them in dark times and bonded them with their neighbors through the good times. A life shared ...celebrated!

Baptist Pastor Re-Elected Plummer, Grantham, Srephens 1905 View
Preached Farewell Sermon Rowland 1904 View
Has Been Ordained Martin 1902 View
Congregation Increases as Pastors Popularity Rises Williams 1900 View
Pastor Visits Home Church Stewart 1902 View
Mt. Zion Quarterly Conference Williams 1902 View
Sunday School Appointment Martin 1904 View
History Of The First Baptist Church Of Ocala Long List 1906 View
Baptist Church News Long List 1908 View
W. C. T. U., Woman's Christian Temperance Union Organized Long List 1908 View
Annual Elections Held
Long List

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