Military Organizations

During the wars our ancestors participated in, they walked a path much like the one shown above, leaving for well as...returning home after their time was concluded for various reasons...or at the close of the war. Looking at this picture I am taken back to that period of time as they struggled to make it home to their beloved families. Some fell and died where they lay,  while others who were more fortunate returned, but a changed soul. They vowed never to forget and in their comraderie, they formed organizations honoring that vow.

Election of Officers Hames, Bryant, Weiche, Tidge 1915 View
Meeting of Veterans Long List 1921 View
Vacancy Filled at Ocala Rifles Election Moorehead 1900 View
Daughter's of the Confederate Entertained Caldwell, Liddon 1902 View
Meeting of the Cofederate Veterans Hubbard, Kimbrough 1906 View
Fannie R. Gary Dickson Chapter, D. C. U. President Gary 1907 View
Muster Roll Deposited In New Monument Moorehead, Blake 1908 View
April Meeting Of Confederate Veterans Long List 1908 View
Ocala Rifle's Called Out Long List 1908 View
Unveiling The Monument Long List 1908 View
Confederate Veterans Meeting
Long List
Meeting of the Confederate Vets Long List 1906 View
Ocala Rifles Honored Long List 1905 View

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