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Simeon T. Sistrunk
Clerk Circuit Court Marion County

Simeon T. Sistrunk was born in Marion County on January 12, 1865. His father was James S. Sistrunk who was born in South Carolina in 1841, removed to Florida when young and now resides at Phoenix. His mother was Miss Texanna O. Pinkston, born in Duval County in 1847 and is still living.

Mr. Sistrunk got his early education in the common schools in Marion County and in 1884 and in 1884 took a business course at Smith College at Lexington, Kentucky. After he returned home he engaged in the mercantile business and a few months later was appointed deputy clerk of the circuit court of Marion County. At this time he began the study of law and in 1888 was admitted to the bar. He remained in the office of the circuit court as law clerk. He took an active interest in the politics of the county and state and was called on several times to act as delegate in the various county and state conventions. He continued to act as law clerk until 1896 when he was elected clerk of the circuit court and was honored with reelected in 1900 and again in 1904. So popular had he become and so well had he performed the duties of his office that he had no opposition the last time he came before the public.

Few men have had a more successful business and political career and it is safe to say no man in Marion County has more friends. Mr. Sistrunk is regarded as a good lawyer and safe advisor, as well as a careful and conscientious official.

In 1889 Mr Sistrunk was happily wedded to Nannie, daughter of Montholon Atkinson, a well-known citizen. The family reside at Ocala where they dispense a genial hospitality to their many friends and admirers. They have two children, Simeon L. and Virginia E.

 Source: Ocala Evening Star...1908

Transcribed and Submitted by Linda Flowers

Norman A. Fort

Member of the Board of County Commissioners
Marion County, Florida

I was born in this county fifty years ago; have resided here all my life. When the war broke out between the States, my father enlisted leaving a wife and two children I being the older of the two and a mere lad. I worked together with my mother for our maintenance. The war over, left us very poor. Father returned and we settled down to farming. Our labors were greatly blessed. When the public school system was inaugurated, I attended school during said terms. When out of school I worked on the farm keeping up my studies as much as possible, thereby acquiring a common education.

In 1875 I joined the Baptist Church. In 1877 I was married to my present wife, the Miss M. V. Chalker. We have to our union four children, all living. Our married life has been a pleasant one, devoted to farming, stock raising and making an orange grove. In all this we succeeded and when the great freeze of 94-95 came we had very fine grove property and of course, felt ourselves Independent. Losing this I continued farming  and at the same time brought my grove up again, which. In part, I have succeeded. I have never been a wealthy man, yet the wolf has never been at our door.

I am now turning out my third term as county commissioner and will be elected in November for a fourth term. As to the six years of my official life you are well acquainted.

One of the tenets of my religion is honesty and observing the golden rule, never leaving anyone any the worse by any action of mine ---staying by the right as I see it….N. A. Fort

Mr. Fort has made an enviable record as a public servant and the fidelity, zeal and ability with which he has served his county has made him many friends.

Source: Ocala Evening Star... 1908

Transcribed and Submitted by Linda Flowers

Deputy Marshall Bishop

Mr. T. Bishop, of Dunnellon, was Saturday forenoon sworn in by Commissioner Williams as Deputy United States marshal to succeed Mr. H. S. Chambers, who tendered his resignation about a month ago. Mr. Bishop has for a number of years been acting as deputy sheriff and his experience in this and other offices of public nature will be a vast benefit to him in his new role. He assumed his duty at once. Source: Ocala Banner: 4-7-1905

For The Legislature

Mr. Charles B. Miller of the west end of the county has publicly announced himself a candidate for the legislature. Mr. Miller is a Marion County boy and has by self application and denial, made himself a position among his neighbors and acquaintances that any young man can be proud of.

Mr. Miller is an unusually bright young democrat and one in every way capable to fill the exacting position and judged by comparison with his competitors for the same position, the young aspirant has nothing to be ashamed of. Mr. Miller has demonstrated his intelligent business ability by the excellent manner in which he has transacted important commercial transactions for others as well as himself and the voters of Marion can rest assured whatever honor of business of a public nature, may be entrusted to his keeping or performance, will meet with careful, judicious and worthy execution. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-12-1900

Mr. John M. Graham is a worthy young man from the Grahamville precinct, son of Mr. L. M. Graham and aspires to the position of county assessor. The Star commends him for his laudable ambition. Why not? He is a young man of excellent character and fine ability and by education so thoroughly equipped for so important work.

He has taught school for two years so acceptably to his patrons; he holds a first grade certificate for the past three years, one of which he did not teach because he was absent in the army fighting for his country. His age should not debar him, his qualifications should commend him and the Star through its circulation presents his name to the voters of the county. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-5-1900


A. Frank

Candidate for Supervisor of Registration - 1908
Source: Ocala Banner: 4-17-1908

A popular and successful physician of Dunnellon and
a candidate for the legeslature.

Source: Ocala Banner: 4-18-1908

John P. Galloway
Candidate for Sheriff of Marion County

The above is a striking picture of John P. Galloway, candidate for sheriff of Marion county. Mr. Galloway was for twelve years sheriff of Lake and Sumter counties. He had the reputations of being one of the best sheriffs in the state at that time and Governor Broward was then sheriff of Duval county. Mr. Galloway has been canvassing for the past two months and has made a clean and praiseworthy campaign, saying nothing at all displeasing or derogatory in any way about his rivals for the office. Mr. Galloway claims and his friends claim for him, that if he does not go in on the first primary he will miss it by a very close margin. He and his friends are confident that if he fails on the first he will go in on the second primary. Source: Ocala Banner: 5-15-1908

The Dunnellon Mayoralty

The election at Dunnellon Tuesday resulted in making Andrew Johnson the successful candidate over C. G. Leitner. The previous election resulted in a tie. The Leitner partisans claim that Johnson was defeated in the democratic primary and ran as an independent, which the friends of Johnson as positively deny, as they insist that there was no democratic primary, but a citizens movement. The Johnson side claim that they stand for law and order and a respectable administration of the city’s affairs; and that their party is in power in the city council. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-18-1902

Col. R. F. Rogers

This gentleman’s name you will find on the county ballot for state executive committeeman from Marion county. Col. Rogers is so well known not only as a gentleman and largely interested in the turpentine belt, but as one of the true and tried democrats of the land, that it should be a pleasure to every voter to cast a ballot for him, which we trust will be the case. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-13-1908

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-23-1914

Belleview Chamber Head Will Retire

Belleview, December 31…Retirement of F. E. Martin as president of the Belleview Chamber of Commerce is expected to take place Monday evening when the annual meeting of the organization is held in the community building. Martin has indicated that he will not serve another term.

Fred C. Boyer, municipal judge, realtor and poultry raiser, has been prominently mentioned as a successor. Source: Tampa Tribune: 1-1-1928

John D. Robertson, has been elected mayor of Ocala over Major Izlar by 9 votes. John has one good trait and perhaps many others. He always speaks to his old friends whom he knew when he, too, was poor. Bob McNames is built just that way. No wonder a fellow likes such men, although he may not agree with some of their bold, liberal notions about the good “creature comforts” so dear to the advocates of “personal liberty.” Arcadia News- Source: Ocala Banner: 12-25-1908

Belleview’s New Officials

A municipal election was held in Belleview yesterday and the following are the persons elected: Mayor, Jos. Millsom; clerk, treasurer and assessor,  L. L. Hopkins; collector; Amos Nott; councilmen for two years, J. A. Freeman and R. C. ridge. Source: Ocala Evening News: 5-13-1908

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-7-1911

Via Fort McCoy

Comes the news that M. L. Payne, the Demosthenes of Marion, will tackle Simeon T. Sistrunk in the race for clerk of the court; that John M. Graham of Connor is getting his pen and staff ready for the course for county tax assessor, and that ex-Sheriff Ed Williams of Ocala will be in the race for sheriff.

It was whispered on the streets yesterday that A. R. Griffin, the present incumbent of the treasurer’s office, is not tired of toting the strong box, and is willing to do so some more.

That Professor Strozler of Blitchton is thinking seriously of filling the position of treasurer also, and that County Commissioner E. C. McLeod wouldn’t object to drawing county checks and warrants for several years himself. And there are others. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-2-1900

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-30-1915

Martin For Commissioner

Mr. E. L. Martin of Electra stated this week that he would be a candidate for county commissioner from the fourth district, to succeed Mr. N. A. Fort, and would make formal announcement of his candidacy in a few days.

Mr. Martin is a son of Mr. W. E. Martin and was born and has spent his entire life in the district he now wishes to represent. He is a good citizen and would make his district a creditable commissioner. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-24-1918

H. T. Wartman, the most through going and efficient tax collector that ever served Marion county, was in town today doing the good Samaritan act by paying taxes for worthy colored people of Citra. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-30-1897

Captain Lytle, the game cock of Lake Weir and chief cockoloram of the populist party in this neck of the woods, came up today to arrange for the people’s party tomorrow in this city. Prof. Borden of Oxford, also came up to consult and cooperate with Capt. Lytle. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-26-1908

Dr. T. D. Crawford received his commission as justice of the peace yesterday afternoon and as soon as he can get the use of his office in the courthouse will be ready for business. Dr. Crawford will prove a competent and just official, and will furnish this much needed and neglected office with a good officer. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-28-1896

Thaggard Appointed

Governor Bloxham received notification Saturday that E. P. Thaggard had been nominated tax collector of Marion county by the democratic executive committee and instantly appointed him tax collector. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-24-1898

Transcribed and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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