A Sketch of Dunnellon -1908

    Our wonder increases every time we visit the Phosphate City and note its steady growth and prosperity along all lines of procedure, but on reflection it is not surprising when you remember the industry that is the base of it all…mining phosphates…which gives steady and constant employment to hundreds of people.
    The new A. C. L. freight and passenger depot, which is completed and occupied, situated a block south of the old one, is a credit to the town and to the company, if it did take them five years to determine to build it. Just opposite to the depot is the new brick hotel, to be called the Withlacoochee, in honor of the stream that flows at the foot of the town. It will be the finest and most complete building of its kind outside of Ocala in Marion county and will cost $25,000. Mr. Coscowitch, one of the progressive and successful business men of the town, will be its owner.
    Houses are in great demand and no sooner are they built than occupied. The main streets are paved with phosphate rock. Its stores are numerous and some of them are very creditable structures, filled with a splendid assortment of goods that attract much trade from the neighboring towns and phosphate mines.
    Dunnellon has a school house it can be proud of, which has closed a very successful term under the principalship of Prof. W. Wesley Smith, a Marion county boy. There are several church buildings that clearly show that not all of the place has run to saloons. Its water and electric plants are proving a boon to the community and is presided over by Burton Howard, a son of the late Captain Hatton Howard, of Ocklawaha river steamboat fame and a young electrician of decided talent.
    In our efforts to extend the circulation of the Star, the most popular paper in Marion county and also our candidacy for the legislature, we wish to return thanks for many favors shown.
    We ran across our old friend Mr. M. Rubin, a former resident of Ocala, but now prospering there. His son, Harry, a graduate of the Ocala High School, is developing into a giant and as smiling and good natured as ever.
    We also met Mr. M. L. Calvin, who is superintendent of Dunnellon Ice Works, owned by Messrs. Benjamin and Weston of Ocala. Mr. Calvin is a young man, also a former resident of the Brick City and is making good in his present profession.
    Ed Smith is another young businessman in Dunnellon that that city is proud of. His business is growing to the extent of adding a large addition to his bottling works to meet the constantly growing trade.
    We renewed acquaintances with many others and our visit to Dunnellon has not been without results and as long as phosphates are in the ground and the deeper they go the Phosphate City’s progress and expansion is assured.
    We had almost overlooked meeting our old friend, John J. Leitner, whom we have known since a lad and who is doing such a successful grocery business in the place, nor Mrs. Barganier, formerly of Ocala, but now conducting the most up to date millinery parlor in the place.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-6-1908

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers


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