Top Row: Miss WynonaWetherbee, Miss Gladys Martin, Miss Alice Sexton, Miss Gladys Walis, Miss Theo Walis , Miss Nellie Beckham
Bottom Row: Miss Loraine Kemp, Miss Rexie Todd, Homer Small, Carelton Ervin, Miss Annie Pope Eagleton

The Twelth Member of The Class

One memnber of the graduating class for 1914 of the Ocala High School, who has not his name on the program, but is nevertheless entitled to high honors is Mr. Robert Angus Dudley McKay.

Mr. McKay has been delayed in his studies and it was not believed when the programs were made up and the invitations sent out that he would pass. However, by diligent study, aided by his inherited sturdy Scotch persistance, he closed up the gap and came in during the last week abreast with the other eleven.

The Star was not informed until Friday afternoon that Mr. McKay would be with the graduates. Had it known one day sooner it would have had his picture with the other bright scholars of 1914. As it is, it will lead his other friends in congradulating him on his well earned success.

Source: Ocala Evening Star
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