Charles Alexander Tremere
Leading Merchant of Belleview

Mr. Tremere comes from good, old New England stock. He located in Jacksonville twenty years ago, a young man with a bright mind and a willingness to work. He became connected with the Florida Electrical Company of that city, with whom he served for nearly fifteen years and by his fidelity and ability made himself almost indispensable. His health failed and the doctors insisted that he must quit work and rest if he were to live. Being of an active temperament, as soon as his shattered nerves were partially rested, he sought occupation and found it at Belleview, where he purchased a lot, built a slightly business house, stocked it with the most complete stock of merchandise of a general nature to be found in the country and begun business some four years ago.

The opening of the store was a beautiful event in the City of Oaks. Hundreds gathered that night to inspect his well-arranged and imposing store and partake of his hospitality. It was an event of social commingling and its memories are still fresh in the minds of the attendants.

Mr. Tremere was prospering when his attractive store and splendid stock of goods were destroyed by fire. His loss was very heavy, but nothing daunted, he improvised a store room out of his home and again it is in full tide of a large and lucrative trade, with his health fully restored by the health giving ozone of Belleview. The people of Belleview were not slow to note Mr. Tremere’s up-to-date methods so they made him a councilman and later honored him by electing him mayor of the town, which position he filled with credit to himself and profit to the town. He is at present serving as postmaster and conducts one of the best country post offices in the state. Mr. Tremere is happily married, has a very lovely daughter and home is his pleasure and haven of rest. He is an enthusiastic member of the Elks and while he belongs to other secret orders, he deems the B. P. O. E., in reality, “The Best People On Earth.” He is a friend and ardent supporter of Gov. N. B. Brow and believes in his Everglades drainage scheme.

Men of Mr. Tremere’s stamina are desirable citizens and we want more of them in Marion County.  

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

Source: Ocala Evening Star...1908

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