Evander P. Thagard
Secretary and Treasurer of the Marion Hardware Company

Mr. Thagard is a native of the “Tar Heel State,” and has been a citizen of this county for over twenty years. He has been engaged in the mercantile and other business for a number of years; was state and county tax collector, and having become interested in the naval stores business, he resigned as tax collector to devote his time to the naval stores business. He was secretary of the Naval Stores Export Co., one of the largest corporations in the state until same quit active business. Mr. Thagard is now secretary and treasurer of one of the largest and most successful businesses in Ocala…The Marion Hardware Company.

Mr. Thagard is a man of enlightened views, broad sympathies, imbued with progressive and liberal ideas and has ever been in the front of every movement for the up building of the community and has one the respect and confidence of all the people by the ability and faithfulness, with which he has discharged his public and private duties as a citizen.

He is yet a young man, scarcely forty and the record he has made is auspicious of greater usefulness and larger honors. As a citizen and father of an interesting family and happy home, Ocala is proud of E. P. Thagard.

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

Source: Ocala Evening Star...1908

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