Sarah L. Shedd

   Fifty years ago today, midst the roar of the bombardment of Charleston, S. C., there arrived upon the scene of activities, a dear little dark eyed girl, who grew to young womanhood, beloved by all who knew her, especially by a gallant young knight who finally won and carried off the prize.
   After a few years they came to make their home in our fair “Land of Flowers,” and finally located in our “City of Oaks,” where they have resided for the last twenty years.
   And during which time she has been very thoughtful of those around her in ministering to the sick or afflicted or troubled ones, and where the death angels has entered she has done what she could in caring for the dead and comforting the living. There is not a person in Belleview tonight in whose bedside she would refuse to serve, altho frail herself. She thinks of others than of herself. Her tender ministrations should never be forgotten, but her reward will surely be a starry crown. A faithful worker; she co-operated with all organizations for the progress of the community and has done much to raise the standard of right, truth and morality in our midst, yet is not afraid to frown upon evil even in high places.
   Over fifty of her friends being desirous of expressing their appreciation of her noble character, untiring efforts, tender ministrations and beautiful life in our midst do now present to our beloved sister and co-worker, Mrs. J. N. Shedd, this little token of esteem, wishing her many happy returns of her birthday.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-7-1914

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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