Thomas J. Owen
Member From The Fourth Ward Of The Ocala City Council

Mr. Owen is one of the old time, newcomers in Ocala, having come from Turner, Maine to this city in 1883 and with the exception of a very short time spent on his homestead in the vicinity of Floral City, in Citrus County, has resided here continuously. He was born in Turner, Maine in 1845 and always resided in the place of his birth until he decided to migrate to a warmer climate and chose Florida. He had the usual youthful experiences, attending school and learning to use the painter’s brush at which trade he worked continuously until the breaking out of the civil war, when imbued with a desire to serve his country, he enlisted in the Second Maine Cavalry and served with fidelity for three years.

He has taken great interest in the organization of the Grand Army of the Republic and was one of the charter members of the Ocala post. He has been its commander for a number of years and honored by his comrades as commander of the department of his state and a frequent delegate to their national reunions.

Mr. Owens has represented the fourth ward of the city council for the past six years and has always tried to do his duty as a faithful servant and by so doing has won the respect of his fellow men. He is deeply interested in benevolent and secret societies and is a member in high standing of the Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows and Masons. Mr. Owen is in the employ of McIver & MacKay as salesman and collector. Ocala Evening Star: 10-17-1906

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Source: Ocala Evening Star 1906

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