Captain James H. Johnson

     Capt. Johnson was born in Abbeville County, South Carolina, on November 2, 1828. He was an educated man graduating from the Columbia College at South Carolina. After graduation he became a law student and was admitted to the bar.
     He married his first wife, Sallie Alexander, on January 5, 1853 in Pickens County, South Carolina. Several years later Sallie died. He married again on January 17, 1859 to Miss Rachel Shumbert. Unfortunately their marriage was also cut short by Rachel’s untimely death a few short years later. Capt. Johnson then married Miss Louisa Jane Pruitt in Abbeville, South Carolina, September 19, 1865. They had nine children together.
     Capt. Johnson came to Florida in 1855 due to failing health. He settled in Ocala and formed a law partnership with Col. St’ George Rogers, in which he won great distinction as a lawyer. His partnership with Col. Rogers continued until the civil war broke out in 1861. He enlisted in the Second Florida Regiment, led by Col. Edwin Badger and was immediately elected first lieutenant of his company, subsequently becoming captain due to his brave acts of soldierly.
     After the war he returned to Ocala and began farming and was considered one of the most successful farmers that Marion County ever possessed.
     Capt. Johnson was an intelligent, broadminded and sympathetic man in all deeds; A natural nobleman. He was a kind and generous husband, a loving father and an all-around good citizen of excellent character and helpful in every walk of life.
     Capt. Johnson died July 31, 1902 on his farm five miles north of town (Griner Farm), after a very long and painful illness. He had rallied only A few days before his death and was reported to be improving. Capt. Johnson was buried at the old cemetery in Ocala. He had resided in Ocala for over half a century. Six children survived him along with his wife, but sadly she died also, a mere six months later.

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Source: Ocala Banner: 1902/ Ocala Evening Star: 1903

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