Marion County Notables

Below are some notable people from and asscociated with Marion County. They are not
necessarily political figures. My "Between The Pages" feature has a listing of political
notables listed under "Political Gleanings." I welcome your stories and pictures on
this feature. You will be given credit as author and/or submitter and will retain copyright
on original work. You may get in touch with me at the address below. Thanks!

Alpheus P. Blake

Prof. Oliver M. Crosby

Hon. William J. Chambers

Hon. Alonzo P. Baskin

Sarah L. Shedd
Dr Abner R. Toph

Charles Alexander Tremere

Edwin C. Smith

Evander P. Thagard

W. W. Clyatt

Thomas J. Owen

Edward Holder

Capt. James H. Johnson

Col. Volney Job Shipman

Robert R. Carroll

Dr. H. C. Walkup

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