Edward Holder

     Mr. Edward Holder of Dunnellon, one of the largest phosphate operators  in Florida, purchased Wednesday the beautiful Zewadski residence on Ft. King Ave. in this city and will take possession of his new home on the first of April.  
     This is one of the most beautiful residences in Ocala and was formerly owned by Mr. B. H. Buffmum, when the Buffmum Loan and Trust Company was doing such a generous business in this company. It is located on one of our principal residence avenues and is in a most desirable location and its architecture, finishings and adornments is one of the finest buildings in the city.
     Before taking possession of this property, Mr. Holder will make many changes, alterations and improvements and when completed it will be an exceedingly elegant home.
     Mr. Holder has large business interests in the state and his coming to Ocala shows that he has faith in the future of the city and he will be a factor in its progress and development.
     Mr. and Mrs. Holder are very popular in society circles and their numerous friends are greatly delighted that after an absence of several years they are to return to Ocala to reside and they will be awarded a very cordial welcome by our citizens.
     The only thing we regret in this connection is that Ocala will lose Mr. Zewadski and his interesting family. For some time past Mr. Zewadski has been in poor health and his physicians have advised him to seek a colder climate and acting on this advice he will leave Ocala about the first of June for Springfield, Ill., where he expects to make his home.
     Mr. Zewadski and his family have been identified with the business, social and religious circles for many years and their friends will part with them with very great reluctance. 

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Source: Ocala Banner: 1-26-1906

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