Hon. William J. Chambers

W. J. Chamber, of Marion county, was born in Wayne county, Mississippi, in July 1863. He came to Marion county, Florida, with his parents in 1873. He is of the historical Chambers family of South Carolina, his forefathers distinguishing themselves forever in the Revolutionary war. Though deprived of the advantages of a good school when a youth, Mr. Chamber, by hard study, fitted himself for a practical business life, and is thoroughly posted on matters which concern the interest of the government, both state and national. Mr. Chambers spent five years of his life in the mercantile business in Georgia when a young man, but returned to his old home in Marion county when he reached his majority, devoting himself, to the making of an orange grove. At the time of the big freeze, 1895, he had made a grove from which he was shipping 10,000 boxes a year. Since the freeze he has devoted his attention to farming, though always taking the interest in home politics that a good man should take, he was never a candidate for political honors until induced by his friends to allow his name to go before the last primary for representative, though there was six candidates for the office, Mr. Chambers had no difficulty in leading the race, receiving more votes in Ocala, and the county at large, than any other candidate.

Mr. Chambers was married to Miss Jennie Bass, at Eufala, Ala., in 1890, and four children have blessed the union. He is a consistent member and one of the pillars of the Methodist church, South. He was one of the nineteen men who opposed the insanity divorce bill. Though a quiet and unassuming man, and not given to long, oratorical debates, Mr. Chambers always commands the attention of the house when he rises to speak on any subject, and his judgement on all questions is respected.

He is one of the leading factors in Marion county’s politics.


Source: Ocala Banner 1901
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