Alpheus P. Blake

Alpheus P. Blake was the founder of several railroads in Boston, Mass. during the early 19th century and quite possibly involved with Florida railroads as well. He maintained a winter home in Marion County, and the settlement of Blake (later absorbed into the City of South Daytona, Volusia County), was named in his honor.  Note: If you have problems viewing these documents please press ctrl and the + sign on your keyboard. To resume previous size, simply press ctrl along with the - sign.

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Researched by Brian McLaughlin and Kay Stanton
Author: Kay Stanton

Submitted by William Lieberman 1-26-2017

(Note: Mr. Lieberman is researching Mr. Blake's Florida connections and would appreciate any information that can be provided.
If you have any knowledge of Alpheus P. Blake's Florida ties you may send the information to me to be forwarded to Mr. Lieberman. )

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