Dr. Abner R. Toph

Dr. A. R. Toph was born in 1847 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He entered the real-estate business when seventeen years of age and although he took time and expense to study medicine, got a diploma and made a successful beginning that diagnosed the ills that beset humanity and prescribing for the same, the allurements and success that attended his real estate ventures, that he threw "physic to the dogs” and became a factor in manipulating reality in “Porkopolls,” and among his notable achievements in his business was the subdivision near Cincinnati of Terrace Park in 1893, one of the beauty spots in that section and in which he continues to hold some favored lots. He also became deeply interested in Indianapolis and made some very flattering deals.

Dr. Toph, desiring a change of climate, located near Montague, just prior to the freeze in 1895, but a few years later moved to Ocala, where he now resides. Six years ago he purchased the Montezuma Hotel property, which has been greatly improved under his ownership and is proving a desirable investment. He has two sons, Mr. Guy Toph and A. R. Toph, Jr., who are young men of promise and successful insurance men of Tampa. Dr. Toph is not only deeply interested in reality in Ocala, but has some desirable holdings in Tampa and Jacksonville.

One of the peculiarities of Dr. Tops life is that with all of his broad and generous views of life he never belonged to any secret or benevolent society, though is a believer in old line life insurance.

Dr. Toph is a strong old and earnest friend of Ocala and believes in publicity and progress and never loses an opportunity to speak a good word about his adopted home.

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

Source: Ocala Evening Star...1908

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