Moving Day Transcribed


Mr. James Freeman moved last week to Shady, where he will farm with his son-in-law Mr. Ed Gaskins. Ocala Evening Star: 10-1-1904


Mr. and Mrs. James Freeman of Crystal River have moved into the Charles Freeman house, which was recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Driggers, who moved to Oxford, when Mr. Driggers took a position with the mill.

Ocala Evening Star: 9-5-1907

On the move last week were the following…Mrs. Marlow and family moved from their place at Conner to a point near the Marion Farms, Mr. and Mrs. James Tucker and family moved from the old McGraw place at Grahamville to the place vacated by the Marlow’s and Mr. Price and wife moved from Anthony to the place vacated by the Tuckers. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-27-1906

Mrs. R. C. Burt, of Ozello, came of Wednesday to spend a few days in Ocala. She will make this city her permanent home. She was accompanied to Ocala Wednesday by her son, Mr. Clinton Burt, who is now a conductor on the Southern railway, with headquarters at Ashville, her son-in-law, Mr. Frank Long, of Holder and one of her young grandsons. Source: Ocala Banner: 3-22-1907

Dr. P. P. Pillans of Floral City, has taken down his physician’s sign in that place and will nail it up in the beautiful and attractive city of Orlando. Dr. D. W. Harris of Floral City, has also given up his practice at that place and will cast his lot with Mr. Pillans in Orlando. Both gentlemen were in town today. Dr. Harris returned to Floral City to pack up his belongings and proceed to Orlando. Dr. Pillans will go to Electra to visit his parents and sisters and Sunday will proceed to Orlando. May success attend the young men in their new home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-9-1909

Dr. Green and family, who came to Ocala several days ago from Bento, Arkansas, have moved into the old Green place on Orange Ave. Dr. Green will engage in the stock raising business. We extend him and his family a hearty welcome to our city and hope that they will be pleased with their new home. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-20-1906

Mr. Alf Owen, who has been in Ocala for some months, having charge of the undertaking parlors of Messrs. McIver & MacKay’s establishment, has left Ocala for good. We understand that he has gone to Seattle, Washington or some western city to locate, after which his wife and children, who are visiting in Ohio, will join him. Source: Ocala Banner: 3-3-1906


W. R. Engleby, who resigned his position as superintendent of the Ocala electric light plant, will leave with his family next week for Roanoke, Va., where he will take a position with his brothers, who are extensively engaged in the plumbing business. Ocala is loath to lose such an estimable family and our best wishes go with them. Source Ocala Evening Star: 11-7-1902


Charles Peyser, having sold both his fine residences will leave in a few weeks with his family for New York, where they will reside in future. His son, Nathan, is in the city of New York doing well and Miss Gertie will be given a course in one of the best music conservatories and on that account Mr. and Mrs. Peyser have decided to move to New York. The entire community will regret their departure. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-4-1901

J. Walter, otherwise “Peck,” Lancaster, formerly of Ocala and first lieutenant of the Ocala Rifles, is in the city visiting his parents for a few days. Mr. Lancaster has a splendid position in Havana, where he has been for the past two years and is cashier of one off the richest banking and trust companies in the city. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-16-1901 

Arthur Woodward, late of Early Bird, has moved his family to his farm and accepted a position with Howell & Bell at York. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-27-1903

Miss Mattie Johnson left today for Atlanta to take charge of a training school, where nurses are trained. It is a good position for her, but everyone knows her will regret her departure from Ocala. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-5-1900

Mr. B. S. Weathers has accepted a position with the Buttgenbach Phosphate Company at Holder and left for that place Monday. He will make his headquarters in Dunnellon. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-6-1905

Superintendant J. H. Brinson having purchased the home, lands, cows, etc. of the Jim Brown Dairy, two miles and a half east of town near the Silver Springs road has taken possession of the same and moved his family there. He has a man to look after the dairy . The Professor proposes to make important improvements in the place. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-25-1909


We regret exceedingly to learn that Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Palmer will leave Ocala in a few days for Washington, Ga., where they will in the future reside. Washington is Mr. Palmer’s old home and he has purchased an interest in an old cotton mill there. Source: Ocala Banner: 4-5-1901

W. E. Connell has closed up his news stand in the Montezuma Block and will go to Lake City, to assist his brother in the laundry business. He is a pleasant gentleman and Ocala regrets to lose him. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-19-1901

Waldo Martin has located at Fort Myers and will practice law there. He has already been engaged by the county commissioners of that county as their legal advisor. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-9-1901

Superintendent of Schools Brinson has not only purchased Mr. Jim Brown’s stock of cows, but has also purchased his farm, lock, stock and barrel. It is only two and a half miles from town. Prof. Brinson will enlarge and remodel the dwelling and will pursue the “simple life.” Source: Ocala Banner: 2-5-1909

Mr. Bryan Leaves Tomorrow

Mr. T. D. Bryan, who has been the chief bookkeeper at McIver & MacKay’s, for the past seven years, will leave tomorrow for Mulberry, Polk County, where he will accept a position with the Florida Phosphate Co.

Mr. Bryan’s family will remain in Ocala two months longer.Mr. Bryan has a host of warm friends in Ocala who will miss him, but wish him success in his new home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-23-1907

After having lived here nearly all her life, long before Belleview was thought of or the railroad put through, when the little settlement was known as Roach’s Pond,  “Aunt Duck” Mason, as she is called by everyone, left Wednesday afternoon for Wauchula, where she will make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Narcissus Goff. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-6-1905

From Bench to Boniface

County Judge Barton, of Citrus County, has resigned, in order to remove to Dunnellon, where he will take charge of a hotel. Source: Tampa Tribune: 8-29-1902

George Williams has traded his farm southwest of town to Mr. Gates for his house and lot in the second ward, near the Eichelburger homestead. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-20-1900

Mr. Pat Walch, who has held a position with the firm of Rheinauer & Co. for the past year in the dress goods department, and also an expert window decorator, will leave tomorrow with his wife for Jacksonville, where Mr. Walch has accepted a more lucrative position. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-18-1901

Mr. James Pyles, left last night for Jacksonville, where in the future he will be located, having accepted a position as city salesman with Zaring & Company, wholesalers. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-23-1921


Going To Havana

Joseph Woodrowe leaves tomorrow for Havana to engage in the timber and mineral land business. The firm will be Salmon & Woodrowe, Mr. Salmon being a resident of the city. Mr. Woodrowe is an energetic young man and deserving of success. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-12-1898

To My Friends: Regretting my inability to see each before my departure for my future home in Atlanta, Ga., I take this opportunity to acknowledge my appreciation and thanks for the many kindnesses shown me and mine during the many years I have lived in Ocala.

Wishing Ocala and all of you much prosperity, I am sincerely yours, Simon Benjamin. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-19-1901

Mr. and Mrs. John Hagins, and sister, Miss Bessie Gregg, left for Fernandina Saturday. Miss Gregg will resume her position as teacher in the public school. Mrs. Hagins will remain for several weeks enjoying the sea breezes. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-14-1900

Mr. Mitchell, who has had charge of  “the Meadows,” near Citra, for over a year, left Friday for Baltimore, in company with his wife, where he will reside in future. Source: Ocala Evening Star:12-3-1900

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mortland, who have been making their home in Ocala since last fall, will in the future reside in Pinellas county. Mr. Mortland will have charge of several large bridge contracts there and has already gone down to begin work. Mrs. Mortland will join him shortly, but until she leaves she will be with Mrs. T. H. Johnson. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-13-1915

Mr. B. I. Freymouth, who moved from this county some time ago and bought property and set out an orange grove at Largo, has sold his interest there and has returned to Marion, his first love. Source: Ocala Banner: 12-25-1903

Dr. E. P. Guerrant, who several years ago practiced veterinary surgery in Ocala, is a visitor in the city for a day or two. He is on his way from Umatilla to his home in Lexington, Ky. At the former place he visited his father, Dr. E. O. Guerrant during the past week. Dr. Guerrant is now a medical doctor and is enjoying a splendid practice in Lexington. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-18-1913

Turner Coming To Town

Has Bought A Fine Lot, On Which He Will Erect An Up-To-Date Residence

Mr. Frank B. Turner today bought from Mrs. Fannie R. Gray the large corner lot on Oklawaha avenue extending from the residence owned by Mr. R. S. Hall east 166 feet to the corner. This lot will require some filling in, but will then be a very desirable location. Mr. Turner expects to shortly build a fine residence on the property, which he will occupy himself. Mr. Turner has one of the finest farms in Marion county. It is located out on the Shady Grove hard road and has over 120 acres with all manner of improvements. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-26-1911

The people of Cotton Plant regret very much the loss of Mr. L. L. Horne and family, they having moved from our midst to their farm near Calvary. They were a great help in our Sunday school and public services and we hope they will continue in this good work. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-21-1915

·                  The Ocala Evening Star...4-6-1900...It is rumored that Rev. H. C. Martin of this place will move to Deland in the near future. He has resided here for thirty years.


Mr. Albert Davis is in Ocala on a visit to his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Maughs. Young Mr. Davis formerly lived here with his uncle and aunt and since leaving Ocala has lived in the Philippines. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-13-1905

Oak Hurst Sold

James R. Moorhead, acting as agent for the heirs of the estate of Jules Meiswinkle, has sold the famous Oak Hurst property, south of town, to Dr. M. T. W. Christian, for cash, and the doctor and his family have moved into the house. The lime kiln was reserved from the sale. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-28-1902

Rev. Campbell Gray and family moved yesterday into one of Mrs. William Anderson’s flats on Fort King avenue, where they will reside until the new rectory is built. The old rectory, which is now the property of Mr. Leslie Horne, will at once be turned over to carpenters and painter’s for extensive alterations, after which Mr. Horne and family will occupy it as their home. Source: Tampa Tribune: 1-21-1912

Rev. A. W. Peck, a prominent Baptist minister, and his wife, who have lived for many years in the vicinity of Lady Lake, passed through Ocala today en route to Minneapolis, Minn, where they will make their future home. Source: Ocala Eveniing Star: 8-13-1895

Business is Lively on the Ocala and Southwest

Martel, Sept 30,…Mr. R. C. Taylor, who has been in the employ of the Ocala & Southwest Ry… as flagman for the last couple of years, has severed his connection with this company, and shaking the dust of Marion county from his shoes last Saturday, left for southern Florida, where he has a position offered him at his trade, that of a printer. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 10-1-1913

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