Illness...In Marion County

When our ancestors became ill the local newspapers usually reported it. Sometimes it was a minor issue, but most often it was a serious situation. Below you will find the name of an article, surname where  applicable, date and whether transcribed or scanned.

Tumor Removed From Nose Hood, Newsome, Izlar, Smith, Thompson 1896 View
Finally Recovering Brasselle, Brigance 1900 View
Doctor Very Ill Eagleton 1904 View
Has Been Confined For Two Weeks Hartley 1896 View
Condition Upgraded Izlar 1911 View
A Chance For Recovery Burford, Hood 1900 View
Dangerously Ill Pooser, Smoak, Frederick 1896 View
Recovering From Near Death Hart 1900 View
Emergency Operation Performed At Residence Porter, Smith, Hood 1896 View
Dr. Is Much Worse Thompson 1896 View
Seriously Ill Agnew 1904 View
Reverand Takes Sick Wife Outside State Williams 1900 View
Severe Infection Of Eye Mathews 1902 View
Operated On To Extract Needle Worcester, Gates 1901 View
Will See An Ear Specialist In Atlanta
Takes A Turn For Worse
Seligman, Peyser
Physician's Consult Over Ill Child
Baskins, Grumble, Smith, Van Hood
Improving From Bronchial Pneumonia Tydings 1901 View
No Improvement - Critically Ill Burt 1907 View
Critically Ill With Pneumonia Gray, Cork 1900 View
Wife's Illness Affects Candidate Strozier 1900 View
Doctor's Condition Unchanged Farris, Robb 1900 View
Family Members Quite Ill Pyles 1906 View
Suffering From Cancer McQuaig 1908 View
Seeking A Radical Cure Brass, Eagleton 1900 View
Ill For Two Weeks, But Better Brinson 1908 View
Suffered A Stroke Of Paralysis Webb, Powers, Newsome 1908 View
Stricken With Paralysis Jordan 1908 View
Remarkable Effects of Sudden Emotion
1874 View
Pioneer Settler On The Decline Jones, Williams, McCreary 1902 View
Very Ill Black 1901 View
Taking Treatment Freeman 1915 View
Child Quite Ill Beck 1900 View
Called To Bedside Blake, Martin, Sanders,Whisenant 1905 View
On The Sick List Blitch 1908 View
Operated On Sistrunk, Willis, Van Hood, Holden, Rogers, Hood 1908 View
Took Turn For The Worse Horne, Edwards 1908 View
Gives Up Hope Smith, Hood 1900 View
Wife's Health Is Very Poor
Bock, McKay
Dangerous Operation
Webber, Van Hood
Suffered A Stroke
Health Has Improved
An Epidimic of Appendicitis
Lucius, Newsome
Suffering From Poisoned Hand Strunk 1900 View
Declining Health Chaille 1900 View
Has Been Seriously Ill Goff, Richardson, Shackleford 1908 View
Returned Home Much Healthier McPherson 1908 View
Called Home Due To Wife's Illness Blitch, Legie 1909 View
Leg Amputated Counts 1909 View
Infection Forces Amputation Hooks, Newsom 1908 View
Recovering From Attack of Billious Fever White 1906 View
Releaved of Toothache Martin, Chase 1905 View
Dangerously Ill Last Week Brinson 1907 View

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