Hospital Notes

The "Hospital Notes" below are from the Ocala Evening Star and concern the admissions, up-dates and discharges of patients of the Ocala Hospital in the early part of the 1900's. More will be added along the way.


June 6, 1898...

Mrs. McWilliams of Summerfield, with her husband, came up Saturday and yesterday Dr. Newsome performed an operation on her. She is now in the Marion County Hospital and doing as well as can be expected.

Little Amanda Gibson is also in the hospital; her foot is healing and will be well soon.

June 30, 1898...

Lavinia Sims, an aged colored woman, formerly a nurse, from Gainesville, was brought to Ocala yesterday and placed in the colored ward of the hospital. As soon as she is recovered from the fatigue of the trip Dr. E. P. Eagleton, our eye specialist, will operate on her for senile cataract of both eyes. She has been entirely blind in one eye for four years and in the other for one year.

December 14, 1898...

Ed Smith, Jr.,of Lowell, fireman in Mr. Meffert's mill, and a respected citizen of that place, was put into the hospital today, for Dr. Newsom to operate on him for white swelling of the right thigh.

December 16, 1898...

Dr. Newsom, assisted by Dr. Izlar, operated on the colored man, Smith in the hospital, yesterday morning, for periostitis, or white swelling. An incision was made in the right thigh, seven inches long and five pints of pus were removed, the bone scraped and dressed. The man would have died from blood poison if the operation had been delayed much longer. He is doing nicely today.


October 11, 1900...

Mrs. Joe Vaughn was admitted Tuesday night and will be operated on in a few days. She is Dr. Newsom’s patient.

In The Hospital

A little colored boy from near Montague was admitted to the hospital a few days ago and was operated on a few days ago by Drs. Hood, Izlar and Powell for hairlip. He is doing nicely and the operation promises to be a success. 


August 26, 1902...

Mrs. Collins, who has been in the hospital with her three-year-old child, left for her home below Leesburg, yesterday.

Mr. Wilson, of Oxford, who has been in the hospital for treatment for brain trouble, returned home cured, as did John Colson who came up from Panasoffkee for similiar treatment.

Mrs. Withers, of Citronelle, is an inmate of the hospital, as is Mrs. Henry Wilson, of Ocala.


January 16, 1913...

Mr. C. P. Gibson, who has been an inmate of the hospital for some weeks, returned to his home at Terrell yesterday.

Mrs. Salter of this city, Mrs. T. T. Allen of Inverness and Mrs. James Carrington of Kendrick are all recent arrivals at the hospital for medical treatment and are doing well.

February 24, 1913...

Miss Viv Raysor, who was operated on this morning at the hospital for appendicitis is doing well and there is no doubt of her recovery.

Mrs. Bradford was brought up from near Leesburg yesterday and placed in the hospital for treatment.

March 3, 1913...

Miss Viv Raysor is able to sit up now and will soon be able to return home.

Mrs. W. M. Shockley of Ocala and Mrs. I. C. Denham from Reddick were taken to the hospital this morning. Both are doing well.

March 13, 1913...

Mr. Dan Whitfield was able to go home from the hospital yesterday.

September 23, 1913...

Mrs. Emma Fort of Oklawaha and Mr. Sam Dillard of Summerfield entered the hospital today for treatment.

Mrs. Paschall, who has been an inmate of the hospital for several weeks, will leave for her home at Anthony tomorrow.

November 19, 1913...

Mr. Hale returned to his home at Belleview Monday.

Mrs. J. A. Bonvler is improving rapidly.

Mrs. Bardin and infant son, Van Hood Bardin, left the hospital today for their home in Okohumpka. 


January 28, 1914...

Mrs. Frank Reagan, who has been in the hospital for several days, left for her home at Brooksville today.

Mr. Hales' condition remains about the same as yeasterday.

February 3, 2014...

Dr. Wood of Oxford was placed in the hospital today for treatment.

Mr. Hales is doing splendidly and his friends are greatly encouraged.

February 9, 1914...

Mr. Haywood Hales, at the hospital is steadily improving, and there is now a fair chance for his recovery.

Mr. Julius Miller has entirely recovered from his injuries, and there is hope that soon all that will be left of the incident will be the very costly and painful memories.

February 17, 1914...

Miss Winifred White, a kindergarten teacher in north Ocala, was operated on for appendicitis at the hospital yesterday and is doing very well today.

Mrs. Abbott Bruner of Orange Springs is a patient at the hospital.

February 23, 1914...

Mr. Perry Perkins, who has been ill in the hospital for the past ten days, is out today but not yet strong enough to take up business.

April 28, 1914...

The Star regrets to say that little Elizabeth Murray, the pretty daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Murray, is very sick. She was removed to the hospital this morning.


February 1, 2015...

Mrs. Moxley returned to her home today.

Mrs. Pillans who was operated on for appendicitis is doing very nicely.

Mrs. Thomas returned to her home in the country today.

February 15, 2015...

Mrs. A. M. Lansford was taken to the hospital yesterday.

February 18, 1915...

Mrs. Jennie Simmons Ericson, who was operated on at the hospital, returned to her home at Kendrick yesterday.

Mr. George Cauthen left Tuesday for his home at Oxford.

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