Disease...In Marion County

Our ancestors were besieged with prevalent disease that sometimes took the lives of many in a singular family.Today most of these diseases are not a problem. Let's look at some of the conditions our ancestors were faced  with and how with the help of their community they were able to overcome these severe losses. I have listed the articles followed by a surname where applicable and date.

Several Cases of Smallpox in City 1912 View
Child Has the Pox Simmons 1911 View
Confined With Smallpox Jones 1911 View
Still In Bed With Fever Newsome 1912 View
Suffering With Malaria Smith 1909 View
Has Returned To Work After Typhoid Fever Odum 1908 View
Recovering From Dengue Fever Mitchell 1908 View
Up From An Attack of Typhoid Fever Payne 1908 View
Over 95 % Population Vacinated Against Small Pox Smith 1900 View
Moved To Hospital Washburn 1906 View
Treatment For Mad Dog Bite Ball 1906 View
Sick With Typhoid Fever Taylor 1909 View
Sanitary Rules
1905 View
Believed To Have Smallpox Parramore, Harrison 1900 View
Smallpox Prediction 
1864 View
1914 View
Yellow Fever Found 1900 View
Severe Attack Of Dengue Martin 1905 View
Several Cases Of Smallpox Harrison 1900 View
Has Typhoid Fever Jordan 1901 View
Bubonic Plague Puts Cities On Alert

Died At The Retreat of Smallpox
Stamping Out Smallpox
Quite Ill Sanderson, Carlton, Graham 1908 View
Very Ill With Typhoid Fever Miller 1905 View
Down With Dengue Fever Campbell 1908 View
Sheriff In Severe Tussel With Dengue Fever Gordon 1905 View
Quite Ill With Fever Condon 1905 View
Last Person Vivtimized By Dengue Fever Clark 1905 View
Up For First Time Teague 1908 View

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