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Accidents...In Marion County


Let's look into some of the mishaps that happened to our ancestors. How serious were they? Let's find out by looking...between the pages of the local newspapers.  I have listed the article below followed by a surname and date.

Injures Neck Diving Too Shallow Beard, Converse 1919 View
Gunpowder Explodes in Face Bullock 1905 View
Child Has Painful Accident Duggans 1896 View
Doctor Has Series of Accidents Boney 1909 View
Hurt By A Dummy Car Simpson, Barco 1903 View
A Severe Cut On Hand For Child Smith 1914 View
Child Shoots Himself Smoak 1897 View
Bicycle's Collide Resulting In Injury Wilson 1897 View
Policeman Shoots Self Fomby 1912 View
Brought To Ocala For Surgery Fort 1901 View
Child Injured While Playing Smith 1900 View
Broke His Leg Pearson 1908 View
Accidentally Shoots Self Baker, Meggs 1900 View
Thrown From Buggy McConn, Hood 1906 View
Mayor Takes A Fall Izlar 1908 View
Loses Two Fingers From Gunshot Calhoun 1902 View
Leg Mangled In Mower Blades Leitner 1902 View
Doctor Almost Dies While Hunting Parramore 1901 View
Three Year Old Breaks Leg Bullock, Blitch, Lyles, Freymouth 1900 View
Almost Fatally Injured Goin, Van Hood 1906 View
Has Thumbnail Pulled Out Anderson, Smith 1900 View
Heart knocked Out Of Place Chandler 1900 View
Girl Swallows Paint Hogan 1905 View
Injured By Explosion Power 1900 View
Little Girl Breaks Arm Burnett 1900 View
Struck In Forehead By Flying Ax Richardson 1905 View
Accidentally Shot Through Leg Frierson 1903 View
Seriously Cuts Leg Brinson 1901 View
Broke His Leg McAllister, Goddard 1901 View
Painful Accident Groves 1904 View
May Go Blind Teague 1904 View
Took Off His Leg Van Hood, Newsom, Gaines 1902 View
Child Terribly Burned Hamilton, Lindler, Harrison 1905 View
Painfully Burned
Clark, Newsom 1900 View
Badly Hurt Peebles, Van Hood 1903 View
Quite Ill From Fall Izlar 1907 View
Christmas Casualties Gilmore, Colombo, Hulbert,
Kallenberger, Theus, Palmer
1909 View
Little Girl Breaks Arm Williams, Smith 1909 View
Injury From Wild Hog Ross 1908 View
Frightful Accident Baskin, Turner 1908 View
Attacked By Cow...Faced Death Clemments 1900 View
Lumber Jack Has Legs Broken Wilson, Sherman 1904 View
A Deplorable Accident Johnson, McIlvaines, Van Hood, Newsom
Rogers, Agnew, Talbot
1908 View
Fell From Tree Nelson 1908 View
Painfully Injured Haley, Peroda, Burford, Newsom 1900 View
Bad Luck X 2
Horse Mishap
Almost Lost His Foot
Hardaker, Ellsen, Cooper
Thrown From Train
Child Badly Burned
Thrown From Wagon At Reddick Wilson, Robinson 1905 View
Leg Amputated Bass, Benton, Moorehead, Baskin, Griffith 1876 View
Touched A Live Wire Beck, Robinson, McKenzie 1909 View
Auto Struck By Train Sanders, Hogan 1922 View
Marshall of Dunnellon Accidently Shot Kean 1906 View
Doctor Dragged Along Track Hand 1906 View
Foot Is Amputated Strobhar 1905 View
Broke Arm Playing Ball Mitchell 1903 View
Fall From 2nd Story Window Link 1909 View

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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