Marion County, FL Pioneers, Natives and Early Settlers

Information found here will most likely come from obituaries found on our county pioneers and early settlers and most will be of a short nature. At some point I hope to have biographies featured elsewhere on this site of a more in depth study of their lives. If you have information on a Marion County Pioneer, Native or Early Settler please consider submitting it here so that we can keep Marion Co. history alive. The pioneers listed here were not necessarily here before the county emerged. Some are pioneers of individual  towns within the county.

James Sheppard Brinson

J. W. Waters

Richard Ridaught

Dr. Daniel S. Chase

Lucinda Carter Dallas

Sumter A. Bullock

David D. Roach

Ira J. Keeler

D. L. Simmons

James R. Josselyn

James Porter Smith

Candaisy "Candace Turner

Andrew McBride

Dr. John W. Robie

W. F. Townsend

Arthur Jones

M. F. "Squire" Dodson

James H. Moon

John M. Reddick

Louis M. Sparkman

James M. Commander

John William Ross

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