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    The seining cases came up yesterday afternoon and it was dusk before County Judge Robert Bullock charged the jury consisting of  Messrs; Forrney Lancaster, Buford Leitner, W. Z. Burke, Frank Colwell, Jim L. Parramore, and L. M. Lamb who found Peter Black and Hoop Scarborough guilty of the charge of fishing with a seine and offering the fish for sale. The judge suspended sentence and let them off on their good behavior for the present. The penalty for the offense is two hundred fifty dollars, half of which would go, if exacted, to the game warden and his assistant.

    The evidence for the state was given by Hutson, deputy game warden and Dubose, whom Hutson took along the night of July 14th when he went to Lake Weir to watch the parties accused. Their statements were direct and to the point: That on the morning of July 15th the accused about 3 o’clock came down and cast their seine about 150 ft. long into the lake and made two hauls and one of which 40 to 50 pounds were caught and in the other 25 to 30 pounds. That said fish were taken to the fish house on the shores of the lake, packed into a barrel and sack, the former to be sent to Brown, of Augusta, Georgia and the later to Turner, of Ocala. The state witnesses secreted themselves in the grass, bushes and dog fennel along the lake shore, Weir Park dock and mouth of canal where the fish were caught.

    Witnesses for the defense were L. S. Black and Hoop Scarborough. They insisted that the fish were caught for home consumption, that they only caught twelve to fifteen pounds.

    At the request of the attorneys, Jasper Black and James Freeman Sr. were discharged. J. W. Freeman and L. S. Black secured a change of venue yesterday from Judge R. Bullock’s, county court to Justice Crawford’s Court, which hearing will take place August 5th.

   Attorney R. B. Bullock appeared for the state and W. K. Zewadski, for the defense and both made eloquent pleas for their side of the question. Zewadski moved for a new trial which was denied.

    The case excited great interest as many parties were interested. The people around Lake Weir and those who seek it’s shinning shores and it’s umbrageous banks and resort there for rest, recreation, sport and pleasure are loath  to see the lake seined for commercial purposes and which the law positively forbids but for pleasure parties it is open to all with hook and line or the seine. The lake depleted of it’s fish, half the attraction of these beautiful waters would be gone and the only way to prevent this is to enforce the law.

The Ocala Evening Star…July 24, 1902



    Col. Spencer appeared before the board of county commissioners this morning and made a demand for fifteen dollars to be turned over to C. C. Driggers of Moss Bluff who claimed the big sein confiscated last summer in the Fish and Game Warden’s raid on illegal seining in Lake Weir. Col. Spencer said, Mr. Driggers was in no way implicated in the matter and thought it a highhanded procedure on the part of the officials to take the sein without consulting the owner.

    Chairman Long, assured Col. Spencer the board had no judicial power to do anything of that kind and he must institute civil proceedings . The officials were under bond and he could go into court with it.

    Mr. Driggers said according to a letter from a county judge, which he did not have with him, the net was sold by order of the county commissioners. Mr. Long assured him it was a mistake, that as the owner did not apply for the net, and he was asked by the Game Warden what to do with it, his advice was to sell it and turn the money into the county treasurer. Mr. Driggers said he had made demand on the Game Warden for the said net and it was refused him.

The Ocala Evening Star…6-1-1903 

Mr. Peter Black is putting several boats on the lake for fishing and renting to campers. 
The Ocala Evening Star…5-16-1902


Mr. J. E. Adams caught an eight pound bass last Saturday. It was served to the guests and family at the Pleasant Hills House on Sunday and made an ample dinner for nine persons. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-29-1902.

Mr. Tom P. Jones, a successful farmer and trucker of Anthony, was in town yesterday and made the Star a pleasant call. He said the following party had just returned from a delightful fishing outing at Scrub Lake, seven miles east of Grahamville: T. P. Jones and son Herbert, John and Henry Talton, Albert Shealey, R. A. Baskin, Clarence Day and West Meadows of Anthony and H. C. Gates of Ocala. They had all the fish they could eat. Mr. Jones said the bear in the scrub were quite numerous and were depredating disastrously on the hogs of that section. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-5-06

There will be an exodus for the Gulf on April 26th on a fishing and oyster excursion. Among those elected from Ocala are Judge W. S. Bullock, State’s Attorney E. W. Davis and an invitation to the editors of the star, Dr. Blitch and others. A number of Crystal River people will be in evidence, notably Dug Smith, Mr. Stafford and Mr. Hay. Mr. Lansford, the piano man, is exploiting this enjoyable trip. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-12-1909

While out fishing one day last week on Lake Weir, Messers. Otto Mente and Elmore Davidson made the magnificent catch of sixty-five exceptionally fine trout. There is no better fishing anywhere than Lake Weir. Source: Ocala Banner: 7-17-1903


A fishing party went to the gulf last week and returned with fisherman’s luck. The party consisted of R. H. Wilkins, George Priest and Harry Meadows, together with Harry Neasmon, colored. Also, J. R. Wilder, Mrs. I. C. Kendrick and C. D. Souter, who returned with the same result.

Another fishing party went since the above party returned consisting of Messrs. Thomas Beuford and Jake Leitner, together with Prince Desoler, colored. They returned with 800 fish. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-22-1900

Messrs. Cason and Russell returned from their trip to Stark’s Ferry Monday with a huge bass that was sufficient to satisfy the appetite of ten people. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-23-1901

Mr. J. L. Smoak went down to Homosassa the other day and last night went fishing with Buckshot Williams and they caught a sheep’s head so long they had to borrow a neighbor to land the monster. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-19-1909

Fishing Party Returned

The following persons composing a fishing party, visited Lake Bryant Wednesday, viz: Dr. William Anderson and son, Captain G. T. Maughs and Henry Livingston. They fished a little over a day and returned home this morning loaded down with fish. They caught 160 of as fine trout as ever rippled the waters. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-14-1906

Messrs. G. H. Dorr and Joe Jordan went fishing and caught a trout that weighed 11 3/4 pounds. A few more such fish taken out of the river will all but run it dry. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-9-1908

Messrs. Harry Leavengood, E. M. Hendricks and Mason Tyson left yesterday for Crystal River and Homosassa, at which places they will spend several days fishing and hunting. It is said that Mason Tyson is better than a rabbit’s foot on a fishing trip and that the finny tribe fairly jump into the boat without the least coaxing. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-9-1905


Fishing is fine in Lake Weir. Mr. E. L. Stafford left the Lakeside Hotel wharf on Friday and returned in an hour with one 11 pound, two 8 pound and one 2 ½ pound bass.

Everybody about Lake Weir is pleased to have the Lakeside Hotel open again. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-16-1902

Moss Bluff…Mr. W. E. Martin’s whole family, excepting three boys went to the river last Saturday to enjoy themselves catching and eating fish. They spent the days in pleasant ways and caught all the fish they could use. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-29-1917

Mr. George Crum, who is spending the winter at North Lake Weir, went fishing in one of the east county lakes yesterday and landed seventeen speckled beauties. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-22-1913 


Cash Thomas, Henry and Tom Livingston, Frank Moorehead and Will Galbraith left yesterday for a several days’ trip to the romantic Withlacoochee, where they expect to catch many of the finny tribe. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-24-1895

Dr. T. D. Crawford, the efficient book-keeper in the post office drugstore, will leave tomorrow for Ormond by the Sea, where he will spend a week fishing and wrestling with Ocean’s billows. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-9-1895

Marshall Barganier, D. E. McIver and W. B. Fuller, returned from their fishing trip to Lake Weir on the 12 o’clock train and they caught about 200 fish and had a good time generally. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-18-1895

Messrs. Harry Leavengood, E. M. Hendricks and Mason Tyson left yesterday for Crystal River and Homosassa, at which places they will spend several days fishing and hunting. It is said that Mason Tyson is better than a rabbit’s foot on a fishing trip and that the finny tribe fairly jump into the boat without the least coaxing. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-9-1905

W. H. Clark and son returned this afternoon from Orange Lake, where they have been fishing and hunting for several days. They had a fine string of black bass and a dozen big ducks strung on a pole, the result of yesterday and today’s shooting. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-29-02

Henry Connor, aged four, a son of Mr. C. E. Connor, is starting out early as a fisherman. He caught four fine trout off the dock at Eastlake Thursday. They were so big he had to have help to land them, but he played his line like a veteran. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-26-1911

Mr. J. D. Rooney, sent up from the lake Saturday noon a lot of fine fish, which were distributed among his friends. Sunday noon, he came up himself, bringing about three-score specimens of the finny tribe, caught by Mrs. Rooney and the children Saturday evening, and shared them out with some more of his friends. Lake Weir’s supply of fish seems inexhaustible. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-2-1915

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