I am listing here the names of persons married in Marion County from a newspaper source. Their dates of marriage if known are included, otherwise just the date it appeared in the newspaper. Elsewhere on this site you will find official marriage records. I will also be adding marriage announcements at some point.

William E. Sinclair & Emma Lou Ethridge...January 9, 1901

Ocala Banner: 1-11-1901

C. W. Rush & Zulu T. Jones ...February 6, 1901
Ocala Banner: 2-8-1901

Elmore Davidson & Louise Harrison...October 27, 1901
Ocala Banner: 11-1-1901

Joel Henry Tucker & Eula May Bauknight...January 6, 1904
Ocala Banner: 1-9-1904

David S. Henrick & Annie Robinson...January 2, 1906
Ocala Banner: 1-5-1906

E. H. Moorman & Hattie Walters...January 14, 1906
Ocala Banner: 1-19-1906

Joseph Denison & Buena Wright...9-15-1902
Ocala Evening Star: 9-15-1902

George Nash & Nellie Anderson...9-15-1908
Ocala Evening Star: 9-15-1908

Frank Sellers & Allie Pendarvis...3-2-1902

Allen Gibson & Pearl Lish...2-2-1903
East Florida Banner


Royal E. Cole & Lottie Caroline Kingman...11-16-1905
Ocala Evening Star: 11-17-1905

Charles T. Strickland & Flossie Dukes...7-16-1901

C. Clifford Hall & Minnie Ray Devane...5-12-1901
Ocala Banner: 5-17-1901

J. Alvis Jordan & Mattie Alice Layne...3-18-1903
Ocala Evening Star

Oliver McDonald & Nancy Smith...7-1-1906
Ocala Banner

Baxter Carn & Julia Cuthill...7-1-1906
Ocala Banner

F. C. Hughes & Nannie Martin...6-17-1906
Ocala Banner: 7-6-1906

George K. Blount & Lillie White...7-18-1906
Ocala Banner: 7-27-1906

Alfred Smith & Ruth Reitner...7-30-1906
Ocala Banner: 8-3-1906

Carl Wilkinson & Janie Stringfellow...1-18-1906
Ocala Banner: 1-19-1906

Dr. William H. Powers & Violet Harris...10-16-1905
Ocala Banner: 10-20-1905

Benjamin Howard Clark & Lillian Browning...1-18-1906
Ocala Banner: 1-19-1906

Morris Moss & Rosalle Benjamin...10-15-1905
Ocala Banner: 10-20-1905

Robert Thagard & Lula Thomas...6-2-1907
Ocala Evening Star: 6-4-1907

Hoyt Simon & Donnie Waldron...8-9-1919
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-12-1010

Albert Owens Harriss & Mary Isabelle Parrott...1-31-1922
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-2-1922

Grover Spencer & Mary Kaiser...6-21-1905
Ocala Evening Star: 6-22-1905

Leon Hayes & Minnie Lee Lamb...
Ocala Evening Star: 6-5-1916

John W. McCarly & Edith G. Livingston...
Ocala Evening Star: 11-6-1909

Bruce Zetrouer & Sallie Feaster...1-1-1900
Ocala Evening Star: 1-6-1900

W. R. Clendineng & Nina M. Burnett
Ocala Evening Star: 2-5-1900

Albert H. Birdsey & Mary Anna Martin...10-7-1896
Ocala Evening Star: 10-8-1896

J. D. Robinson & Leola McClain...11-1-1896
Ocala Evening Star: 11-2-1896

Allen Dean Boring & Lou Elvie Williams...
Ocala Evening Star: 12-1-1909

P. T. Randall & Jossie E. Roberts...4-23-1896
Ocala Evening Star: 4-29-1896

Gus A. Mortan & Edna Beamer...1-1-1907
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-1-1897

Ambrose B. Davis & Florence Ripley...1-15-1906
Source: Ocala Banner: 1-19-1906

Pierre McFarlans Bealer & Ernestine Albert Brumby...10-12-1905
Source: Ocala Banner: 10-20-1905

John E. Padgett & Miss Gladys Childress...8-16-1900
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-17-1900

F. D. Edwards & Miss Carrie Heard...11-4-1900
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-7-1900

Bryant Nobles & Miss Ida McCann...1-14-1900
Source: Ocala Banner: 1-23-1900

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