How DID OUR ANCESTORS DEAL WITH TRAGEDIES When THEY Came along?  Let's explore some of them here from "Between The Pages."  Below is the name of an article followed by  a surname where applicable AND date.

Kids Burn Down Family Home Evans 1897 View
Fire Destroys Home Baskin 1896 View
Lost Everything In Fire Watson 1900 View
Dies From Burns After Stove Explodes Head, Black, Roberts, Edwards, 1912 View
Fire Destroys  Businesses and Home Seymour, Cook, Wallace, Toply,
DeClark, Clapper, Stanbrough
1911 View
Horrible Death Kincade 1915 View
Baby Dies, Mother Remains Alive  Horne 1911 View
Two Children Dead in Terrible Accident Mitchell, Smith, Roberts 1909 View
A Sad Tragedy Green, Myers 1905 View
Suicide At Conant Benson, Fox 1900 View
Pranking With Pistol Cost Life Pratt 1900 View
14 Cottages Destroyed By Fire Myers 1912 View
House Destroyed By Fire Miller 1900 View
Boy Mutilated By Train Little, Thompson 1889 View
Accidentally Shot While Hunting Perry, Edwards 1903 View
School Has Burned 1909 View
Burned To Death Jackson, Sellers 1901 View
Judged Insane Williams 1901 View
Capt.'s Ships Destroyed Lucas 1904 View
Barn, Equipment and Horses Burned Close 1903 View
Ended His Life Flook, Smith 1903 View
Fire Tipton, Barnes 1903 View
Burned To The Ground Nelson 1905 View
Drowned Coulter, Akin 1909 View
Burned To Death Souter, Malloy 1908 View
House Set On Fire Gamble, Bullock, McQueller, Woodrow 1904 View
House Totally Destroyed Reiner 1908 View
Killed By Falling Tree Shafer, Rogers 1906 View
Sawmill Burns Down Seymour 1906 View
Residence At Athony Burns Howell 1901 View
A Serious Forest Fire Bishop 1908 View
An Awful Death Porter 1906 View
Child Scalded to Death Izlar, Burgess 1908 View

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