Business Transcribed

Mr. and Mrs. Clawson passed through Ocala  yesterday afternoon on their way to South Lake Weir, where they will open the Southside Hotel, over which Mr. Clawson has presided so successfully for several years. The Ocala Evening Star: 11-17-1908.

Many improvements have been made by Mr. Crom at the Ocala post office. Mail can now be obtained on Sunday by calling at the post office. Additional lock boxes have been put in recently. The interior of the post office has been repainted. Mr. Crom has been the recipient of many nice compliments from the business people of Ocala on the manner of the service he is giving the patrons of the post office. 

Source: The Sun (Jacksonville) 11-18-1905

A New Grocery

On Feb. 1, a new grocery firm will open its doors in the corner store, just south of the Ocala House. The firm’s name will be Rice & Moore, consisting of C. B. Rice of Panasoffkee and J. T. Moore of this city, with his brother, Will Moore, to assist in the business. A full stock of groceries and feed will be carried, as well as green groceries. Free delivery will be made, and the firm proposes to carry a stock of groceries that will entitle it to a great patronage. 

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-20-1900

Dr. R. D. Fuller has admitted to partnership in his dental practice, Dr. C. J. Ayer, son of Hon. Alfred Ayer. Dr. Fuller, who has been practicing in Ocala over twenty years, and is one of the most skillful dentists in the state, has for some time had more business than he has been able to attend to in reasonable time, working from daylight to dark every day and never taking a vacation. Dr. Ayer has studied in the leading schools and has had considerable practice and the two gentlemen will make a combination that cannot be excelled. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-6-1909

E. C. Smith

     The above named gentleman has been a citizen of Ocala for many years and is well known to most of our readers.
     Mr. Smith has recently purchased the furniture and undertaking business of J. A. Pittman & Co., and intends to make a success of it.
     In order to familiarize himself with all branches of it, he has taken a course of embalming lectures and feels entirely capable of giving satisfaction in this line.
     He has recently purchased an assortment of coffins and burial outfits to suit all classes of people.
     He has added to the furniture stock and invites the general public to give his stock an inspection. Source: Ocala Banner: 2-8-1901

I. E. Denman, a builder of Reddick, was in town yesterday. He has just completed a house at Zuber for the Florida Lime Co., and is at present at work on a very desirable home for Mr. W. M. Shockley at Lowell; a building that will be a credit to the town and the gentleman who is having it built. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-3-1908

The Gas Engine Works got three Buick machines Friday. One was for Alderman A. G. Gates, one for Messrs. Tompkins & Cobb and the other we believe is for Messrs. G. S. Scott and John H. Taylor. Ocala more and more is growing to be an automobile town. Source: Ocala Banner: 5-7-1909


Mrs. C. A. Brown is making a great success of her business in her new location opposite Liddon Brothers Livery. She is getting new goods weekly and the people are finding out where the neatest, newest, best and cheapest goods in the millinery line in Ocala are. Also, a full line of millinery notions. The ladies of Ocala and Marion County are cordially invited to call. Source: Ocala Banner: 4-23-1896

Turpentine Barons

The turpentine men held their monthly meeting in Ocala today. The attendance was good and great interest prevailed. All were smiling and happy as the price of spirits is up and if it keeps up every son of rosin will step on flowery beds of ease.

R. L. Barnes acted as secretary in the absence of Mr. Crosby. The following were among those present. G. A. Petieway, of Leroy, R. L. Barnes; Daisy M. Lang Jr., dexler, R. J. Knight, Crystal River, J. W. McIntosh, Brooksville, J. J. Hyman, (?), R. S. Hall, Ocala, D. A. Clark and Walter Ray of Martel. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-12-1903

One after another new industries continue to come to Ocala, which reminds us that we are rapidly evolving into a city. One of the latest industries that has come here to stay is the Ocala Pine Company, of which Mr. O. D. Ball is manager. Mr. Ball is a pleasant and affable gentleman and we extend to him a generous welcome. Source: Ocala Banner: 2-19-1904

Mr. Morris, who has been clerking at Mr. T. B. Snyder’s haberdashery for some months expects to return to Okahumpka in a few days. Mr. Morris will engage in the mercantile business at that place. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-26-06

Mr. W. G. Davis of the Sumner Lumber Co., of Zuber, was in the city today and made us a pleasant call. Mr. Davis said the mill is changing from band to circular saws and likes the later best for the class of work here. His mill is employing 100 to 125 hands and is quite busy, despite the present low cost of lumber. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-10-1908

New Barbershop

The new barbershop opened by Mr. E. L. Maloney in the writing room of the Ocala House commenced business at noon yesterday, a little earlier than was figured on and ever since the two men have been just as busy as they could be. The shop is going to be a big success. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-6-1908


Sid’s New Fountain

Sid R. Whaley, the fruit and candy man, has put in a new fountain in his stand, having first prepared a cozy niche to receive it and will be ready for a good season of soft drink business. Yesterday every customer and friend had a free drink “on the fountain.” Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-21-1901

Dr. W. J. Ellis, of the lumber firm of W. J. Ellis & Bro., of Summerfield, was in the city today and made the Star a pleasant call.  The doctor says they have gotten down to business and so far have shipped 35 cars. They have fifty men on the pay roll and cut 1600 feet a day. They are well pleased with their location. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-8-1902

Soda Water and Milk Shake

John W. Pelote and brother have opened a nice little refreshment stand between the Teapot Grocery and Tydings’ Drugstore, where they are serving, soda water, milk shake, confectionary, etc., and invite their young friends and old ones too, to call and patronize a good thing. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-24-1900

Dr. Goldstein

Dr. G. Goldstein is meeting with a good practice in Ocala, the people realizing that it pays to have a man examine and fit their eyes who understand his profession. They are calling on him in large numbers and he is pleasing them in every respect. The Doctor is moderate in his charges, is through and competent in his work and it is a pleasure to converse with him. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-27-1902

A Thoughtful Man

Mr. O. W. Reagan, superintendent of the spoke and rim factory, who is ever on the lookout for something to benefit and make easier the lot of the number of men employed by the company, has built a neat bath house where the men can have either a bath or shower, from either hot or cold water. It is needless to say that the men appreciate the thoughtful act. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-10-1900


Robert Kaiser With Ocala Ice & Packing Co. – Messrs.  Meffert & Taylor

Mr. Robert Keiser, whose likeness appears below and who for the past two seasons has been with the Benjamin Brothers as superintendent of their meat packing department, has accepted a position with the Ocala Ice & Packing Company, Messrs. Meffert & Taylor, and will in a few days be ready to take care of all the fresh meat that may be brought to that institution for storage.

Mr. Keiser’s long experience in the meat packing business in Cincinnati, Atlanta and other cities has made him adept in that line. He has since his connection with this line of business in Ocala convinced those who have had dealings with him that he thoroughly understands the work of preserving and handling meats and he asks us to announce to his friends throughout the country adjacent to Ocala that he will in future superintend the cold storage and packing department of the above named institution. Source: Ocala Banner: 4-18-1904

Piling Up Pork

Jules Cohen, the affable and successful manager of the cold storage rooms of the ice factory, is being crowded these cold days by pork from this and neighboring counties. S. R. Pyles, who slaughtered 35 hogs Monday, will cool and cure his meat in the cold storage and there are as many more to follow from his pens, great whopping big fellows that will kick the beam at 300 and 400 pounds.

While the receipt of pork is crowding “Jule,” he wants it distinctly understood that his accommodations are not crowded and there is plenty of room and to spare for all. As he informed a Sumterville man yesterday, who asked if he had room for eight hogs: “Yes,” he replied; “and for all that Sumter county can supply.” Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-16-1902

Calvary…T. L. Steele has put up a sawmill on C. O. Jones’ place and is now sawing regularly. Mr. Alford is his sawyer. Source: Ocala Banner: 10-23-1903

Mr. P. S. Swartz, has left Belleview and purchased a store at Stanton and is much pleased with the prospect of business. Stanton is rapidly gaining lost ground and is again becoming a good business point. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-22-1901

R. B. Sutton, who is a successful teacher in the county, has recently opened a grocery store and thus far enjoys a lucrative share of the patronage of Ocala citizens. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-15-1901


For the benefit of some who may not know, I wish to state that I have with me now my oldest brother, Dr. Alonzo L. Blalock, a physician and surgeon of twenty-five years of actual experience, a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. We have adjoining offices over the Commercial Bank, using the same reception room.  Dr. L. F. Blalock, Dental Surgeon. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-30-1912

Mr. John T. Lewis, the Oklawaha merchant, who has not had a day’s vacation in a year, closed his store last night and just a sign on the door which gave the information that it would not be opened today and Mr. Lewis with all his household came to Ocala on the 6 o’clock train to spend Thanksgiving at the fair. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-27-1913

Announcement To The Public

Having bought the J. L. Leitner store, I wish to announce to all that I will open in the new place, Thursday, August 10th, with a more complete stock than ever, and the public is invited to call and see me and I assure you that your wants will be taken care of in the best possible manner. Remember, I guarantee satisfaction, Ollie Mordis… Mo Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-22-1911

L. C. Bell, of Early Bird, one of Ford & Hiller’s most valued superintendents, was in town today. Mr. Bell will go into the sawmill business with Mr. Howell at York on the 1st. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-26-1903

A New Business

Robert Frost, who has been in the mercantile business at Floral City for the past two years, sold out part of his stock and moved the balance to Ocala and with the remainder and a lot of new goods, has opened a store in Mrs. Hicks storeroom, recently vacated by the Boston Store. He will keep a full line of dry goods, notions, clothing and gents’ furnishings. Mr. Frost is a good business man and made money in Floral City when the mines were running full blast. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-18-1901

In The Business To Stay

Geo. P. E. Hart, the Magnetic Healer, has rented a house for a year and moved his family from Belleview to Ocala and expects to make this his home. Mr. Hart is meeting with splendid success and is giving perfect satisfaction in every case treated. He is treating patients from distant points in Marion and adjoining counties and all are satisfied. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-1-1900

A Big Land Deal

C. C. Todd of this city has closed a deal whereby he sold a grant of 11,000 acres of land, owned by a Florida Orange Canal and Transit Co., to W. N. Camp, of the Camp Phosphate Co. Mr. Todd held an option on the land and made a handsome profit for himself. The lands are in Lee and Desoto counties, and are heavily timbered with cypress. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-16-1900

Another Dentist For Ocala

Dr. E. L. Wilcox of Jacksonville, a  brilliant young dentist, has been in the city for a few days and has decided to open offices here. He will be located on the second floor of the Hogan building west of the square with Dr. E. G. Lindner. Dr. Wilcox will fit up modern offices for the practice of his profession. He expects to be practicing in about two weeks. Source: Ocala Evening  Star: 8-1-1911

Mr. Tompkins Goes To Market

Mr. D. W. Tompkins having sold out the last head of the carload of horses and mules brought to Ocala ten days ago, left today for market to but another carload. He says this lot will be something unusually fine and asks the friends of Tompkins & Cobb to wait for the arrival of the stock, which will be early next week. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-6-1912

The Sanitarium

Miss Wells has opened the Wilson House this year, and will conduct it as a first class boarding house and retreat for the sick. Special accommodations have been prepared and those of either sex coming to the city for medical or surgical treatment or dentistry be it for a day or month, will find a pleasant place to stop. Special diet will be provided for each patient and a trained nurse will constantly be in the house. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-3-1900

A Business Block Bought

Messrs. C. C. Rawls and Perry H. Nugent have bought the two story store in which G. A. Nash’s store is located, from Dr. E. C. Hood, for $3300. The property was advertised for sale in the Star and the gentlemen bought it merely for an investment, rightly thinking it a bargain at the bargain at which it was offered. Here are other level headed, clear sighted business men who can see a future in Ocala realty. In this connection we might mention that mere real estate, both residence and businesses, has changed hands in Ocala during the past year than for the three years preceding and our property is now owned mostly by home people, reversing the order of things as they once were. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-14-1902

Mrs. Bogie has moved her French café restaurant from her old stand north of the Ocala house to the nice room west of Weihe’s formerly occupied by the Vatoldi restaurant, where she will continue to set a first class table. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-8-1895

Edwards Brothers Sell Out To W. P. Edwards

It will be a matter of regret to our readers to learn that the Edward Brothers has gone out of the market business. They have been fixtures here so long that they are like pioneers, but it will be a pleasure to know that they have been succeeded by their cousin, Mr. W. P. Edwards, who was trained in the business by the Edwards Brothers and is in every way worthy to be their successors.

The Edwards Brothers will devote their entire time and attention to their cattle ranches and their wholesale beef business. Source: Ocala Banner: 8-11-1905

A New Firm

Will Hustle Ocala Rea Estate, and is Already Making Things Move

On January 1 Mr. J. S. Sternberger and J. C. Miller, attorney at law, formed a partnership under the name of J. C. Miller & Co., for the purpose of doing a general real estate business, to buy, sell and rent real estate, and to collect from property owners. They have already placed with them a number of properties, and the members of the firm say that they are already doing a good business in collecting rents, etc., and the outlook for the year is excellent. They have a number of clients who desire to purchase good city property, and more applications for property to rent than they can find houses to place the applicants in. The office of the firm is in the Montezuma block. Mr. Miller has engaged the services of a clerk and the office will always be open. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-6-1902

A Splendid Business

N. L. Gottlieb, the photographer, had the best business during December that he ever had in Ocala, despite the fact of having started without a negative a little over a year ago, when he was burned out. He made 250 negatives in December besides duplicate work, and his business through the year was proportionately greater. This speaks of two things—excellence of work and a better financial condition of the country. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-9-1900

C. J. Jewell’s Wood Yard

C. J. Jewell has opened a wood yard at Hagood’s old stand, where wood is for sale in all lengths and delivered to all parts of the city. Biggest load for the money. Grist mill in connection. Fresh meal and ground horse feed sold in any quantity at all times. Lowest Prices. Give him a call. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-1-1900

Mr. Robinson’s new picture show will occupy the lower story of R. S. Hall’s new office building on Main street and it will be modern in every particular. Every possible modern convenience for coolness and comfort will be installed. Source: Tampa Tribune: 3-24-1912 

Coyler Bros., who have recently opened here a branch of their tailoring establishment in Orlando, are kept busy furnishing the citizen, irrespective of color, with the various fashions. They carry a large and varied stock and represent some of the largest establishments in the country. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-15-1901

Messrs. Geo. Brown and A. P. Baskin have erected a commodious two story gin house in the rear of the school building. They will have improved gins, and turn out as fine Sea Island lint as can be had. They also have a grist mill attached to which they propose to add a bolting machine, cotton seed crusher and other appliances to meet the needs of our people. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-22-1897

Hendry & Knight have leased the Desoto Hotel to V. J. Shipman, of Lawtey, who will take charge today. The lease is for a term of three years. Source: Tampa Tribune: 10-13-1899

Dr. W. Goodwin, the industrious young shoe-maker, is kept busy caring for the “soles” of our citizens. He is indeed a public benefactor, for he stands ready ever to give his “awl” and ”last” that the “soles” of our citizens may be comfortable. Source: Ocala Banner: 11-15-1901

Expect To Come To Ocala

Our reader will be pleased to hear that the Leitner Bros. of Dunnellon, three in number, have almost decided to move to Ocala and engage in business. The Star reporter was talking to Mr. John Leitner, the senior brother yesterday, and he said that he thought they would be very safe in coming to Ocala with its present business and future outlook. These gentlemen have conducted two of Dunnellon’s principal stores for years, and have been the life of the place, and will make a valuable acquisition to any community. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-23-1900

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