Transcribed Barnyard News

Lucky Escape

Mr. Shyster had a double barrel shotgun the stock of which he intended to mend and with that object in view, he took it to Sweets’ blacksmith shop. The question was put; “Is it loaded?” as he was about to place the barrel in the fire. “Oh, no, the gun is not loaded!” A few minutes afterward the heat caused the gun (which by the way was loaded) to discharge its contents, scattering the fire and ashes in all directions and causing a half dozen by-standers to turn pale with fright. Fortunately no one chanced to be in the line of the gun and all were and all were vastly more scared than hurt, the owner not the least among them. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-28-1889

An amusing incident occurred yesterday morning in court when jurors were handing in their excuses. One party said: “May it please your honor; I left two children very sick with, what is thought to be small pox.”  A shudder ran through the courtroom.  The judge, in a surprised voice, said: “You were not drawn properly anyway; stand aside.” His exit was sudden, when the surprised look of the audience relaxed into a smile. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-21-1900

Triplets Were Born

To A Destitute Georgia Couple, the Father 82 and the Mother 42 years of Age

Columbus, Ga, Dec. 11…Triplets were born yesterday to Mrs. Ambrose E. Calhoun of this city, who is 42 years of age and whose husband is 82 years old. The children lived only a few hours. Attention was called to the family’s destitute situation yesterday and relief was extended. The old man is feeble and unable to earn a living and the only wage earner in the family, a boy 12 years old, is laid up with a crushed ankle. Calhoun is the father of 25 children. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-12-1906

Another Tragedy

The negro who shot Henry J. Pratt, the turpentine operator, near Live Oak Monday, fatally wounded the sheriff of Suwannee county, W. B. Mathis, Tuesday, who, with a posse, went in search of the desperado in the swamp. The sheriff, before he fell, took deliberate aim and killed the negro. Great excitement and indignation exists, as the sheriff was a very popular young man, Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-27-1901

Must Follow Wife To Grave

Huntsville, Ala., Dec. 20…W. M. McCarty, and his wife were found dead on a bed at their home in the Monrovia precinct. The woman had been shot while the cause of the man’s death was chloroform. McCarty left a note in which he stated that he accidentally shot his wife while playing with his pistol and that he must follow her. McCarty was a farmer. The coroner’s jury accepted McCarty’s version of the tragedy. Source: Ocala Banner: 12-22-1905

A man named Sutton, supposed to be from Georgia, was taken in charge by Policeman Koonce today for behaving in an accentric manner…Among other things, it is said that Sutton went into a saloon and ordered a drink and when the liquor was given him, along with the customary glass of water, he drank the water and left the whisky. This was enough to cause suspicion of any man’s sanity. He will have a hearing in the morning. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-21-1913

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