Rosewood established about 1870, lies on the road leading to Cedar Key. The land rich in red cedar, inspired its name and allowed the community to prosper as the Florida Railroad came into the area to transport the abundant cedar to the pencil factory at Cedar Key, along with other local resources. By 1890, natural resources having been depleted, most of the white inhabitants had moved to nearby Sumner, leaving Rosweood a mostly black community. Rosewood is infamous for the massacre of its people in 1923 and the burning of their homes and businesses. It remains an awful memory for the area and the descendants of those who not only lost their lives on that fateful day, but others that managed to escape the rampage brought upon them. Below are links to various websites with in depth articles and reports of the massacre.

Rosewood Massacre
(Black History)
Rosewood Foundation
(History of Rosewood)
Investigative Report of Events
Remembering Rosewood
(Survivor Accounts)
A Potential Archeology of Rosewood


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