Levy County Obituaries



A Falling Limb Caused His Death

William M. Baldree of Otter Creek Victim of a Peculiar Accident…A Limb Crushed His Skull 
Was a woodman for Otter Creek Lumber Company and a man well known and well-liked by all….Survived by wife and ten children.

      William M. Baldree, a well-known and highly respected citizen of Otter Creek, was the victim of an accident Wednesday, which cost the unfortunate man his life, having died forty minutes after  his skull was crushed by a falling limb. 
     Mr. Baldree was for several years associated with Hon. W. H. Anderson of Bronson in the naval stores business, but for the past two years has been in the employ of the Otter Creek Lumber Company as a woodsman. It was in the faithful discharge of his duty Wednesday that he lost his life.
     From the information which could be gathered, it was learned that Mr. Baldree was riding through the forest, passing under an immense tree while workmen were engaged with felling. A limb fell down striking the unfortunate man on the head and fracturing his skull shortly after which, the end came, despite the fact that everything was done to save him.
     Deceased was about forty years of age and a native of Georgia. He has been in Levy County for many years however, where he has reared a devoted family. He is survived by a wife and ten children, to whom the sympathy of all is extended.
    The remains were brought to this city and turned over to the Thomas Undertaking Company and on Thursday were shipped to Homerville, Ga., his former home, for interment. Source: The Gainesville Sun: 10-28-1907


W. M. Barton, , Williston Merchant; Falls Dead

Williston, Jan, 17—W. M. Barton, 75, pioneer merchant of Williston and Levy county, fell dead in his store today. Mr. Barton was the oldest merchant in this section. He was recognized as one of the most influential citizens of the community. He came to this section 34 years ago.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Aline Barton and three sons, H. G., Miller, and Curtis Barton, of this city and a daughter, Miss Eugenia Barton, also residing here.

Burial will be in Orange Hill cemetery tomorrow afternoon at 5 o’clock. Source: Tampa Tribune: 1-18-30

Death of Mrs. William Benus

     The sad announcement of the death of this most estimable lady, which occurred Friday has been received in Ocala. Mrs. Benus was forty-six years of age and for many years she and Mr. Benus lived in Ocala, owning and operating the Benus bakery.
     Several years ago Mr. Benus retired from business and moved to Bronson, in which city Mrs. Benus died. She leaves a husband, a brother, Mr. Frank Huber, of this city and many others relatives and friends to mourn her death.

To the bereaved husband and other relatives the Ocala Banner extends its condolences. Source: Ocala Banner: 2-16-1906

Mrs. William Benus

Mrs. William Benus, aged 46 years, formerly and for many years a resident of Ocala, died yesterday afternoon at the Huber homestead, three miles from Bronson. The news of her death was a great surprise and shock to her relatives in Ocala, as they did not know she was seriously ill. She contracted a severe cold, which developed into la grippe and went to her heart, and death came suddenly.

Mrs. Benus was an aunt of Mr. C. N. Schiemmer of this city, and a sister of Mr. F. J. Huber of Ocala and Mr. C. J. Huber of Tampa, and another brother, Mr. John Huber, who resides with his mother at Bronson. Mr. Schiemmer and Mr. and Mrs. Huber left this morning for Bronson, as did Mr. Huber from Tampa, to attend the funeral.

The remains of Mrs. Benus will be laid to rest tomorrow morning in the family burial ground at Bronson.

Mrs. Benus was a devoted member of the Catholic church. Her many friends will be deeply grieved to learn of her death. The Star extends sympathy to the bereaved family. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-10-1906


F. W. Blitch

F. W. Blitch, of Berlin, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. D. Priest, of Morriston, on Saturday morning. His body was interred at the family burying ground, near Montbrook, on Sunday. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-3-1914

E. H. Brewer    

W. O. Brewer, a prominent turpentine operator of Romeo, with Mrs. Brewer, was in town for a few hours on Tuesday of last week, having come to meet his brother, C. P. Brewer, from Cedar Key and take him to the bedside of their father, E. H. Brewer, at Williston, who died on the following day. (Bronson Times-Democrat) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-30-1912


Madison Cannon

It is with sorrow we chronicle the death of Madison Cannon, one of the old and prominent citizens of the west side, which occurred at his home at Janney on Sunday, after a long illness. Deceased leaves two daughters and several sons, besides a host of other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. (Bronson Times-Democrat) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-10-1912

Mr. Clark Carter

We are called upon to chronicle the death of Mr. Clark  M. Carter, eldest son of Col. N. R. Carter, which occurred at his home in Levyville, Saturday afternoon. Aged 22 years, Mr. Carter was a victim of consumption and has lingered on the borderline of time and eternity for a long time, death finally winning the victory. He leaves a wife and two children, who have the sympathy of many relatives and friends in their bereavement. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon. Source: Levy Times Democrat: 10-19-1891

John L. Carter

John L. Carter, the popular tax collector of Levy county, passed away at his residence in Bronson Saturday night. Deceased had been ill for several months, and although his death was not unexpected, cast a gloom over this whole section of the state. Since early boyhood he claimed Levy county as his home. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-9-1914

Bernice McBride Clark

In Memoriam

Bernice McBride Clark was born in January, 1893. In August, 1910, she was married to Ernest P. Clark, then of Morriston. Two years and a half ago they moved to Juliette. On August 23, 1922, Mrs. Clark passed away, and on the afternoon of the same day she was buried in the cemetery at Pleasant Hill, Rev. R. A. Guy, conducting the services.

She leaves a husband and three children, Harold, Hazel and Hilda. She was a niece of Mrs. J. B. George of Morriston, and Mrs. Florence E. George of Clearwater.

She was a faithful member of the Methodist church at Morriston. She was a warm-hearted neighbor, a true and loyal friend and a devoted wife and mother. She was ever known among her acquaintances and friends for her noble charity which led her to pass by the faults of others and to see and to speak of only their virtues. Her pleasant home was always hospitably open, and she was ready to share it, not only with friends, but with “the stranger within the gates.”

Wherever she was known she was loved, and she will be missed by many.

One Who Knew and Loved Her...Williston, Fla. September 13
Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-15-22

Mrs. S. C. Clyatt

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Clyatt returned last evening from Chiefland, Levy county, where they attended the funeral of Mr. Clyatt’s sister, Mrs. S. C. Clyatt, who died at her home in Otter Creek on Tuesday morning.  A husband and two children survive Mrs. Clyatt. Another brother, Mr. L. J. Clyatt, of Bartow, accompanied the Ocala members of the family to the funeral. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-30-1915

 Williston, June 1…Mr. Landrum, a former resident of this place, but late of Clark, died at the latter place on Thursday and was brought here for interment. He leaves four sons and one daughter, Mrs. R. C. Chaires. He was a faithful father, good man and respected y all who knew him. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-1-1908

W. W. Clyatt, Sr.

Mr. William W. Clyatt, Sr., father of W. W. Jr., and Vernon Clyatt, of this city,  and L. J. Clyatt, of Gainesville, died this morning early at his home at Long Pond in Levy county, at the advanced age of seventy-four years, after a long and painful illness. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Clyatt, Jr., were present during his last hours and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Clyatt, went up today.

The funeral will take place tomorrow morning and the body will be laid to rest in the family burial ground.

Mr. Clyatt leaves only the three children above mentioned, his wife having preceded him many years ago to “that bourne from whence no traveler returns.” He was one of the first settlers of Levy county, having resided their over fifty years, there being but five families in the county when he settled there. Mr. Clyatt was one of the wealthiest stock raisers and farmers of the county and had large interests in land, cattle and other properties. He twice represented his county in the legislature and was one of the most highly respected citizens in Levy county. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-20-1902

Mrs. Lou Colson

Death of Aged Lady...Remains Laid to Rest in Pine Grove Cemetery at Judson

The remains of the late Mrs. Lou Colson , wife of Uncle Billy Colson, were laid to rest in Pine Grove cemetery, near Judson, on Thursday, her death resulting from old age. She was widely known throughout the section and loved by all. Source: Gainesville Daily Sun: 12-5-1909

Mrs. G. R. Croft (Blitch)

Death Loves A Shining Mark

The many friends of Hon. Newton A. Blitch, of Levy county, will regret to hear of the death of his oldest daughter, Mrs. G. R. Croft, of Sanford, Christmas Eve. Her remains were brought home for interment. The news of Mrs. C.’s death was received as the Senator and family, with a host of friends of Montbrook, were assembled around the Christmas tree. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-3-1902

Miss Maggie Cummins

We find the following notice in the Atlanta Journal of August 4th; “Miss Maggie Cummins, aged 17 years, died this morning at No. 14 Cooper street, after a brief illness. The young lady was a resident of Gulf Hammock, Fla., and was spending the summer here with her sister, Mrs. J. A. Robinson, wife of the night clerk at the Grant house. She had intended returning to her Florida home next month. Her sad and untimely end has cast a gloom over the circle of friends she had formed during her brief visit among us which has been cut short by the fell destroyer. The funeral will take place from the above number on Wednesday, at 11 o’clock. Source: Levy Times-Democrat: 8-13-1891


J. R. Davis

Mr. J. R. Davis died this morning at 8 o’clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis on Oklawaha avenue. Mr. Davis had been sick for two years and upon taking a turn for the worse two months ago, came here from Montbrook to take treatment, but his condition did not improve and death came this morning caused by heavy blood pressure of the heart. Mr. Davis leaves a wife and two sons. His wife and son, Mr. J. L. Davis and wife of Inverness, were with him at the last. His other son who lives at Carrabel, has been notified. The deceased was 60 years of age and had been a resident of Montbrook for many years. McIver & MacKay prepared the remains for shipment to Montbrook today.

Mr. Davis was a member of the W. O. W. lodge at Montbrook and the members of that lodge will conduct the funeral service at Montbrook this afternoon. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6-12-1915


Mrs. A. H. Ellzey

We were pained Saturday to learn of the death of Mrs. A. H. Ellzey at Lukens. Mrs. Ellzey was a noble woman, wife and friend, and her death is a severe blow to her husband, mother and other relatives. …Bronson Times-Democrat…Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-7-1913

Death of Mr. Elvington...
Well Known Levy County Man Passed Away In Gainesville Yesterday 

     James O. Elvington of Otter Creek died at the Odd Fellows’ Sanitarium in this city at 8 o’clock Monday night of heart failure, brought about presumably by an attack of acute rheumatism which had troubled him for some time.
     Mr. Elvington, whose home was at Otter Creek, where he has been for several years engaged in the naval stores business, was brought to Gainesville several weeks ago and placed in the hospital, where he has received the best of attention. Everything possible was done for him, but to no avail.
Deceased was a native of North Carolina and was about 38 years of age. He was a man of excellent character and was well liked by all who knew him.
     The remains were taken Tuesday to Fair Bluff, N. C., where the interment will be held. They were accompanied by his father, Geo. W. Elvington, who was with him at the time of his death, T. W. Shands, of this city and J. S. Fisher, of Otter Creek, with whom he was associated in business. Deceased is survived by his parents, one brother and one sister, to whom the sympathy of the community and friends is extended. Source: Gainesville Sun: 10-3-1907



W. C. Galbraith

Many people in Ocala will be sorry to hear of the death of Will Galbraith, who was well known and much liked in this city, where he passed several years of his life. He died Tuesday night at Williston, where he had been employed by Mr. L. C. Hester for some time. Mr. Galbraith was a brother of  Mrs. W. H. McConn of Ocala. He leaves a wife and four little boys. He was a skillful accountant and a whole-souled genial man. He was a member of the Woodmen and clerk of the Williston camp. His funeral at Williston was attended by Mr. and Mrs. McConn and their son Lindner. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-29-1913

Mrs. Gammage

Mrs. J. B. Webb of Kendrick was in this morning to announce the death at Zuber of Mrs. Gammage and arrange for her funeral. Mrs. Gammage ran the hotel at Zuber and was a most estimable woman. She leaves a husband and two sons and many friends to mourn her death. Her son O. B. Gammage is manager of the Sumner mill at Zuber. The remains will be interred tomorrow at Kendrick. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-4-1910

Rev. L. D. Geiger, Apopka, Fla.

Rev. L. D. Geiger, secretary of the Baptist State Board of Missions and one of the most prominent men of the Baptist denomination in Florida, died at his home in Apopka, last night. He was born in Levy county fifty years ago. Source: Valdosta Times: 4-24-1909



George Hargraves

Mr. George Hargraves, one of Dunnellon’s oldest citizens, breathed his last on Sunday, the 11th, instant, about 10 a. m., and was buried at Lebanon Cemetery on Monday. He was born in England in 1846. He was a resident of Levy county for a number of years, and came to Dunnellon in 1893, almost without a dollar, but being full of energy, and wide-awake to business, he soon accumulated a great deal of real estate, and at the time of his death had some forty houses in the town, all renting for snug sums.

The deceased was married a little over three years ago to Mrs. N. A. Cason, who has the sympathy of the entire community in this her hour of sore bereavement.---Dunnellon Citizen

The deceased was a friend of many years standing with the editor of the Star, who read with deep regret of his sudden death. To his bereaved widow we extend condolence and sympathy.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-17-1901 

Chris Hafele Dead

We note by the Bronson Times- Democrat that Mr. Christian Hafele is dead. He expired Sunday night near Bronson, where he invested in property thirty years ago and raised an orange grove and lost it by the freeze of 1894. During these years he also lived in Ocala, and ran the bakery on North Magnolia street, now operated by August Wolfe. Just how long we cannot say, but some years ago he sold out here and returned to his Levy county farm. He leaves a devoted wife, three sons and two daughters. The sons are Henry Hafele of Indiana, Will Hafele of Jacksonville and Alf Hafele of Bronson, and the daughters, Miss Mary Hafele and Mrs. Lena Baggett of Baltimore. Deceased was an industrious man, thrifty and a good citizen, and the good name he leaves his family and the world is better than riches. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-12-1905


H. C. Havis

H. C. Havis died at his home at Morriston Friday, Feb. 24. Interment was made in Pleasant Hill cemetery. Rev. Phillips of Morriston officiated. Mr. Havis was 72 years old and had made his home in Ocala for a number of years before moving to Morriston. He came to Florida about thirty-five years ago. He leaves one brother, Mr. James Havis, of Denver, Colo. C. V. Roberts & Company had charge of arrangements. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 2-27-22

Mrs. Otis Hester

Mrs. Otis Hester, a young bride of a few months, died very suddenly at her home in Williston, Saturday night. Mrs. Hester was formally Miss Allie Epperson and was married only a few months ago to Mr. Hester, who is treasurer of the Williston Crate and Basket Co. Deceased was one of the prettiest and most accomplished of the young women of Williston. She was a member of one of the oldest and most highly respected families of that section, a niece of Mrs. L. Horne of this city and leaves a host of friends and many relatives to mourn her death. Mrs. Horne and others went out yesterday to attend the funeral, which took place in the afternoon. Source: Levy Times-Democrat: 1-27-1908

Holly Hismith

Death At Newtown

Holly Hismith, A Well- Known Young Man, Passed Away Thursday

Holly Hismith, , twenty-six years of age and one of the most widely known and popular young men in his section of Levy county, died Thursday from a complication of diseases, principally liver troubles, at Newton.

Deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Hismith, who with several brother and sisters survive him. He was a member of the church of Christ and an upright young man. The funeral was held Friday. Source: Gainesville Sun: 12-1-1907

Mrs. Elizabeth Huber

Mr. Frank Huber, ticket agent for the Atlantic Coast Line railway, received the bad news of the death of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Huber, Saturday, and immediately left to attend the funeral obsequies. Mrs. Huber died at Bronson, where she had been living a number of years. She was 83 years old and was idolized by the people of Bronson. Source: Ocala Banner: 2-12-1909



Mrs. D. M. Johnson

Mrs. D. M. Johnson died at her home in Morriston yesterday afternoon. She is survived by her husband and eight children, four boys and four girls, with one daughter lying at the point of death. The funeral services will take place tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock, and interment will be in the Montbrook cemetery. Pyles & Perkins have charge of the funeral arrangements. Source: Ocala Evening Stars: 9-1-1920

Miss Donnie Johnson

Miss Donnie Ada Johnson, aged 24 years, died Sunday morning at 4 o’clock at the home of her father, Mr. D. M. Johnson, of Morriston. Her death was not unexpected as she had been in failing health for several years. Miss Johnson leaves her father, three sisters and four brothers. They were all with her at the time of her death. The funeral services took place from the residence today at 10 o’clock. Interment was made in the Pleasant Hill cemetery, near Morriston. Sam R. Pyles & Co., funeral director had charge of the arrangements. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 7-18-1921

Mrs. D. E. Jones

News has just been received of the death of Mrs. D. E. Jones of Montbrook. Mrs. Jones was visiting her nephew at Jacksonville for the reunion and while there contracted a severe cold which resulted in pneumonia which caused her death yesterday at the home of her nephew, Mr. William Gratio. Mrs. Jones was one of the pioneer settlers of Marion county and has a wide circle of relatives and friends all over the county. The remains were laid to rest this afternoon at Jacksonville. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-14-1914

E. B. Jones

E. B. Jones of Williston died Nov. 4. He was a native of Williston and is survived by his widow, three sons, a daughter, his mother and two sisters, all of Tampa. Burial was in Williston. Source: Tampa Tribune: 11-17-33


Death of Mrs. Klein

One of Albion’s Oldest Residents Dies in New Jersey

Mrs. Caroline M. Klein, formerly of Albion, Fla., died at her home in Camden, N. J., on July 12 of Brights disease, aged 64 years.

Mrs. Klein was one of the first settlers of Albion. She was the widow of the late John Klein and mother of Florence, John, Stewart and Lewis Klein. Whilst to the outside world she was a successful housekeeper, yet to her friends and relatives she was admired for her gentleness and amiability. Her devotion to family was exhibited in the quiet self-denials and personal sacrifices for their comfort or pleasure. Few women have ever proved such a mother and few mothers have ever proved such a woman.

While quite young she joined the Presbyterian church and ever manifested the love of God by her charity, benevolence and sympathy for the afflicted or distressed. To her religion was an active principle and not a dead force. The humblest and poorest were regarded as important as the great and rich. Life to her was no dream, but an opportunity to do good.

We tender our sympathy to the children, who mourn their greatest loss, the death of their mother. Bronson Times-Democrat.

Source: Gainesville Daily Sun: 7-26-1907


Mrs. Mary Limbaugh

Mrs. T. N. Smith returned from Winter Garden Saturday, where she had been called to the death bed of her aunt, Mrs. Mary Limbaugh. After five days of intense suffering, Mrs. Limbaugh quietly passed away at an early hour Friday morning. The remains were brought to Williston for interment Saturday. Mrs. Limbaugh was a noble, Christian woman and in the seventy-second year of her age. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Jessie Strosia of Winter Garden and five sons from different parts of the state all of who were with her at her death. Also several step-children and scores of other relatives and friends to mourn her. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-29-1912

Mrs. Caroline Lloyd

Mrs. Caroline Lloyd, of Long Pond, whose illness we mentioned last week, died on Monday evening and was buried yesterday at Rock Hammock. We sympathize with those who have been made to mourn. Source: Levy Times democrat: 4-9-1891


David U. Marsteller    

On Tuesday of last week he (Mr. Marsteller), came in town for his mail and returned in apparent good health. He retired that night with the usual “good night” to his wife, who remained down stairs to take care of her sick sister-in-law, Mrs. George. Wednesday morning Mrs. Marsteller called to her husband and the little daughter of Mr. Wellman and asked; “Are you awake or are you all dead up there?” The little girl answered, “I’m awake and up, but Uncle Marsteller is asleep with his eyes half open.” On going to his room it was found that he was indeed asleep, but not to awake again till the resurrection morn. The shock was a hard one and at one time the life of his sorrowing companion was despaired of.

The funeral took place from the Evangelical church Thursday morning, Dr. Bean preaching the sermon to a large company of friends of the deceased. The soul agony of the widow was not witnessed by a dry eye. Source: Times Democrat: 11-12-1891

Mrs. Myra McBride

Mrs. Myra McBride, one of Eastern Levy’s most esteemed women, passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Florence George, at Morriston last night. Mrs. McBride was 72 years of age, and had lived most of her life in the Morriston section. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Florence George, and Mrs. J. B. George, both of Morriston. She had been ill for some time and her death had not been unexpected, but brings sorrow to all who knew her.

The funeral service took this afternoon at 3 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Florence George. Interment in Pleasant Hill cemetery. Pyles & Perkins had charge of the funeral arrangements. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-1-1920

Cedar Key Native, Mary McQueen, 88 

     Mrs. Mary Augusta McQueen, 88, died Saturday (March 3, 1973). She was the daughter of the late W. D. Finlayson, who was one of the first mayors of Cedar Key and had served a long time on the state legislature.
     Born in Cedar Key, Mrs. McQueen came here 45 years ago from Old Town. She lived at 4628 Cypress Way S.
     She is survived by three sons, Fletcher G., Thomas A., and William F.; three daughters, Mrs. Margaret Kilgore and Mrs. Mary Fl. Pfeiffer, all of St. Petersburg and Mrs. Alice Stromer, of Miami; 17 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Source: Evening Independent: 3-5-1973


Mrs. W. R. Medlin

Mrs. W. R. Medlin died Monday night at Otter Creek, and the remains were brought to Bronson Tuesday morning, interment taking place Tuesday afternoon in the new cemetery.  Mrs. Medlin was the daughter of  Mr. Sant Wilkerson of Otter Creek, and is survived by her husban and four children, father, mother and several sisters. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 9-12-1913




Death of Mr. Peacock

Mr. J. B. Peacock, a prominent citizen of Williston, died at his home at that place Tuesday night after a brief illness. He was a livery man at Williston and was also largely engaged  in the turpentine business and had many friends, who will regret to learn of his death. The deceased was the nephew of Mr. Q. E. Peacock of this city. Source: Ocala Banner: 1-11-1907

Death of J. B. Peacock

Information reached this city yesterday of the death of J. B. Peacock, a well known naval stores operator and citizen, which occurred at his home in Williston, Wednesday morning, at an early hour, after a brief illness.

Deceased was about thirty-eight years of age, and was one of the most widely known men in Levy county. He is survived by a wife and two or three children, to whom the sympathy of friends are extended. Source: Gainesville Daily Sun: 1-10-1907

Gorgon Parham

Died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Charpia, at Cedar Key, May 22, Mr. Gorgon Parham of Coleman. Mr. Parham had been a sufferer for a year with tuberculosis and had gone on a visit to his wife’s sister, to spend his last days. Besides his wife he leaves three little boys and other relatives and friends to mourn his death. (Inverness Chronicle) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 6—13-1912

Laid To Rest - Minor Pedrick

The funeral of Minor Pedrick at the Pleasant Hill cemetery near Montbrook Wednesday was largely attended. Many of the people of the neighborhood came to join the friends from Ocala in the last services to the worthy young man  who was reared among them.

A platoon of the Ocala Rifles, led by Lieut. H. C. Campbell, accompanied the funeral cortege from Ocala to the graveyard, and after the usual services, came forward to render military honors to their young comrade. With reversed arms, they accompanied the body to the grave, taps were sounded and the last volley fired. None of his friends will miss the young man more than the soldier boys, one of whom he became a few months ago and found him unfailing in every duty. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 5-28-1914

R. P. Priest

Mr. R. P. Priest passed away yesterday morning at 10:30 o’clock at his home at Lebanon after several weeks’ illness. Mr. Priest had made Lebanon his home for the last thirty years. He leaves his devoted wife, one daughter, Mrs. Walter Pedrick of this city, and one son, M. P. Priest, of Lebanon. The funeral services took place this morning at 11 o’clock from the residence. Interment was made in the family burial ground at Lebanon.

Sam R. Pyles & Company, funeral directors, had charge of the arrangements. Source: Ocala Evening News: 6-15-1922




              Mrs. M. Schiemmer

Mrs. M. Schlemmer, one of Cedar Key’s oldest and esteemed residents, died Tuesday night, after a lingering illness. Undertaker McClellan went to Cedar Key’s Wednesday to prepare the remains for interment, being accompanied by Rev. Bernard Campbell, rector of Holy Trinity church, who will conduct the funeral. Mrs. Schiemmer is survived by a number of children, all grown. (Gainesville Sun) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 11-13-1914

Mrs. S. J. Sistrunk

Mrs. S. J. Sistrunk, after an illness that extended over almost a year of time, , passed away at1 o’clock yesterday afternoon at the family home in Montbrook. Mrs. Sistrunk had just been brough home from Jacksonville, where she had been in a hospital for several weeks, being operated on as a last resort to save her life.

Her son, Mr. Carlos L. Sistrunk, and with him his brother-in-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs. Willis, took Mrs. Sistrunk home. For some time after the operation she improved and it was thought she would recover, but the last two weeks it was known there was no hope for her.

Mrs. Sistrunk was at the home of her son, Mr. S. T. Sistrunk, in this city for a long time, returned to her home and then went to Jacksonville. Everything that loving hands or willing hearts could do was done to save her life, but it was of no avail.

She leaves three sons in this city, Messrs. S. T., C. L. and H. C. Sistrunk, Mrs. Minor M. Sistrunk, Mrs. Willis and Mis Rosa Belle Sistrunk, at Montbrook.

The funeral took place this afternoon and the body was laid to rest in the family burial ground. A great many friends and family all over Levy county will mourn the loss of this noble Christian woman, a member of one of the oldest and most widely respected families in this section of state. All of the members of the family were present at the funeral. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-27-1908


Death of Mrs. Simeon H. Sistrunk

The death angel has invaded the home of one of our pioneer citizens and robbed it of its guiding hand, and left the home vacant and desolate.

Mrs. Texana Pinkston Sistrunk, wife of Mr. Simeon H. Sistrunk, and mother of Messrs. Simeon T. Sistrunk, Carlos L. Sistrunk and Henry Sistrunk of this city, died at the home of her son-in-law, Dr. Willis, at Montbrook on Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock. She was 67 years of age.

Mrs. Sistrunk had been a severe sufferer for months before death came to her relief. She was taken to Jacksonville about two weeks ago, and, as a last resort, an operation for appendicitis was performed, and while it was successful, her age militated against her recovery and she was taken back to her home, to be with those whom she loved best and who loved her best.

She did not bear the journey back as well as was fondly anticipated, so on reaching Montbrook, she was taken to the home of her son-in-law, where she died the next day.

Mrs. Sistrunk was born in Ocala and spent her childhood and school days here, and is well and pleasantly remembered by all of our older inhabitants.

She was Miss Texana Pinkston. She was married to Mr. Sistrunk at the time of the civil war. She was taken as a bride to her home near Montbrook, where she has ever since resided.

She was the mother of nine children, five boys and four girls, and was indeed a “mother in Israel.” She was a crown to her husband and was as a gem set with pearls to her children, and trained them up in such a way as to be an honor and delight to her, and well may they exclaim with Coleridge that a mother is the holiest thing alive, where death is greatest to be mourned.

Mrs. Sistrunk’s remains were laid to rest in the family burial grounds near Montbrook Monday afternoon, and around her grave were gathered her sorrowing husband, all the surviving children and the members of a whole community, and the flowers they placed upon her mound and the tears they shed showed in what esteem she was held. Source: Ocala Banner: 5-1-1908



Mrs. Mildred Virginia Smith

Died: January 25, 2005

Where: Williston Health Care Center

Age: 83

Born: Newton (near Chiefland)

A lifelong resident of the area, Mrs. Smith attended school in Bronson.
Survivors: Several cousins. Preceded in death by her two husbands, Frank Durrance and Nolan Smith.

 Knauff Funeral Home, Chiefland

Source: Levy County Journal: 1-27-2005

Mrs. T. N. Sumner

Mr. Will Whitehurst of Zuber came to town this morning for a coffin in which to bury the body of Mrs. T. N. Sumner, who died at that place last night. The interment will be made this evening in the old cemetery (Evergreen).

Mrs. Sumner was the wife of Mr. Sumner, the head of the Sumner Lumber Co. at Zuber. They came to Marion county from Moultry, Ga., some years ago. Mrs. Sumner leaves a husband and several children with a host of friends to mourn her death. She was an estimable Christian woman and a member of the Methodist church. She had been sick almost a year and was in the fiftieth year of her age. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 3-15-1911


Miss Maggie Tandy

Miss Maggie Tandy of Montague, sister of Will Morton, the well known mill man of that place, died at her home in Montague last night. Liddon Bros. sent the hearse down this afternoon and the body was brought to Ocala for burial. Rev. J. E. Oates went down to preach the funeral sermon. Miss Tandy was a most estimable young lady and leaves many friends to mourn her loss. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-25-1896

Death At Levyville...Mrs. A. L. Tillis

Mrs. A. L. Tillis, of Levyville, aged 35 years, died Friday night and was buried Sunday morning. Mrs. Tillis was a sister of W. W. and Vernon Clyatt, of this city. Mr. W. W. Clyatt went up to attend the funeral. Mrs. Tillis left a husband and three small children. Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-9-1902

Dr. Wylie Tillis, 78

Dr, Wylie L. Tillis, 78, 402 88th Ave., St. Petersburg Beach, died Thursday, (Sept. 25, 1969). Dr. Tillis was born in Chiefland and came here 10 years ago from Lakeland. He was an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist in Lakeland for 30 years where he was known as the "doctor who never sent bills." After his retirement, he came to St. Petersburg Beach and started his practice. He was a member of the Baptist Church; Lakeland Lodge No. 91 F & AM; and the American Medical Association. He is survived by his wife Mabel; one brother, Chauncey of Chiefland; two sisters, Mrs. Viola Leagan, of St. Petersburg and Mrs. Grace Thompson of Tampa. Beach Memorial Chapel is in charge. Source: Evening Independent: 9-26-1969



W. H. Valentine

W. H. Valentine, engineer on the tram road of the Otter Creek Lumber Company, died at Otter Creek Saturday night after four days illness of hemorrhagic fever and was buried in Bronson cemetery Sunday afternoon with Masonic honors. Deceased leaves a wife and eight children to mourn his death. He was a member of Cedar Key Lodge No. 74, F. & A. M. – Bronson Times-Democrat: Source: Ocala Evening Star: 4-28-1913


Mrs. Leonard Watson

Mrs. Leonard Watson died on the night of November 21, at the home of her father-in-law, W. T. Watson, south of town. Deceased who was a daughter of L. R. Brown, leaves a husband and a week old baby, besides other relatives to mourn her loss, just as she was entering into the twin glory of womanhood and motherhood. Bronson Times-Democrat- Source: Ocala Evening Star: 12-4-1912

Mrs. L. G. Williamson

News was received from Gulf Hammock Thursday of the death of Mrs. Ada Williamson, wife of L. G. Williamson. Deceased leaves two children, one an infant two hours old, a husband, four brothers and a host of friends. Interment took place at the Munden cemetery on the Wekiva on Friday. (Bronson Times-Democrat) Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-10-1912




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