Notables and Early Settlers of Levy Co., FL

George W. Willis

Rev. L. d. Geiger, of Apopka, the faithful secretary of the Florida State Baptist Convention, has paid his late friend, George W. Willis, of Williston, a high compliment of civic virtues and Christian character. He writes:

“George W. Willis was born at Flemington, Fla., January 1, 1844. His father and mother both died when he was but nine years old. They left two other sons, Frank and Paul, both younger than the subject of this sketch and one daughter, Mrs. O. E. Edwards, , who died in 1899. Paul Willis who entered the ministry about the same time as myself and for a time was my schoolmate and always my friend, was one of the most devout young men I ever knew. He died in 1892. These three brothers were raised to manhood in the home of their uncle, Jesse Willis, at Williston, one of the best and most respected men in the entire country and their sturdiness of character is doubtless due largely to the many wholesome lessons taught them by their uncle and his noble wife, “Aunt Dolly.” George Willis was married to Mary E. Reddick, at Williston, December, 1868, at which place they both lived until they died, the wife passing away February 20, 1907. Ten children were born to them."

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 8-13-1908

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Hon. William J. Epperson…Member of House of Representatives From Levy County

Hon. William J. Epperson was born May 30, 1855, in Cherokee County, Georgia, but moved with his parents to Levy County, Fla., in 1887. For nine years he worked on his father’s farm, leaving there to become a clerk in the store of an uncle, Col. Wm. R. Coulter, at Bronson. At the end of one year he bought out the business and began merchandising on his own account. He also engaged in cotton ginning, hotel and livery business and other things of minor importance until the year 1900 when he began the manufacture of turpentine and rosin and also started a farm.

Mr. Epperson’s public service began in 1887 when he was elected county treasurer. To this office he was re-elected in 1888, without opposition and in the primary of last year, Levy county voted him to the House of Representatives above three opposing candidates.

Mr. Epperson has been twice married and has two daughters, one by each marriage. His first wife was Miss Corrinne Carter, of Meridian, Miss., who died in September, 1886; the second wife, Miss Anzonetta P. Boling, of Cherokee county, Ga., is still living.

Mr. Epperson is a member of the Methodist church and of the Masonic order. Source: Levy Weekly True Democrat: 4-9-1909

Death of Mrs. Klein

One of Albion’s Oldest Residents Dies in New Jersey

Mrs. Caroline M. Klein, formerly of Albion, Fla., died at her home in Camden, N. J., on July 12 of Brights disease, aged 64 years.

Mrs. Klein was one of the first settlers of Albion. She was the widow of the late John Klein and mother of Florence, John, Stewart and Lewis Klein. Whilst to the outside world she was a successful housekeeper, yet to her friends and relatives she was admired for her gentleness and amiability. Her devotion to family was exhibited in the quiet self-denials and personal sacrifices for their comfort or pleasure. Few women have ever proved such a mother and few mothers have ever proved such a woman.

While quite young she joined the Presbyterian church and ever manifested the love of God by her charity, benevolence and sympathy for the afflicted or distressed. To her religion was an active principle and not a dead force. The humblest and poorest were regarded as important as the great and rich. Life to her was no dream, but an opportunity to do good.

We tender our sympathy to the children, who mourn their greatest loss, the death of their mother. Bronson Times-Democrat.

Source: Gainesville Daily Sun: 7-26-1907

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