Who was misbehaving in Levy County. We will look at some of the people who got into trouble for little of nothing and the more serious offenses as well. I have listed the name of the article, surname and date. 

Two Men Will Be Tried For Murder in Separate Cases Wills, Priest, Chance, Horton 1906 View
Very Anxious For A Trial Priest 1906 View
While Sheriff Hunts, Prisoners Escape Brooks 1908 View
Blind Tiger Shooting Mills, Smith 1901 View
Shoot Out Between Blacks and Whites - A Family Affair Friedman, Jones, Williams, Pinnell 1906 View
Caught Selling Liquor Without A License Clark, Cooke, Larlinger, Faircloth, Spearing 1898 View
Judge Ordrs New Trial Prentis, Hancock, Wilson, Camp 1899 View
Answers to Charge of Contempt of Court Clyatt, Jacjson, Thomas, Pennell 1902 View
A Shooting Afray at Williston Patterson, Ellerson, Williamson, Redick,
Henderon, Arnoll, Tyner, Payne
1909 View
Still Found At Man's Home Armstrong, Williams, Smith 1914 View
Lebanon Post office Robbed Agnew, Williams, Chambers 1904 View
Two Boys Quarrel Resulting in Stabbing Stewart, Pratt, Lutterloh 1893 View
Hot Times In Gulf Hammock Harvey 1912 View
Kills Wife and Flees Smith, Richardson 1912 View
Re-Arrested After Their Escape Arnow, Richard, Bishop 1908 View
Rivalry For Hand of Girl Hocker, Bullock, Jordan, Crawford, Mitchell 1900 View
Highway Robber Apprehended at Tampa Fillmon, Smallwood, Burnsed 1904 View
Gainesville Sheriff Arressts Levy Co. Murder Suspect Outley, Ramsey 1909 View
Otter Creek Postoffife Robbed 1906 View
Several Depot's Robbed 1904 View
Physician Exonerated in Killing Faircloth, Willis 1924 View
Escaped Murderer is Captured Foster, Johns, Epperson, Rambert, Priest 1894 View
Woman Assualted and Murdered Mott 1906 View
Postmaster Misappropriated Funds Hardee 1909 View
Aquited of Murder
Priest, Chance, Clark, Carter
Arrest for Possession of Distillery Apparatus
Richards, Page
Convicted for Burglery
Murderer On The Loose Chandler, Washington 1892 View

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