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Welcome to the military page. It is my desire to honor veteran's and their descendents for the commitment and sacrifices given to our country throughout its history. I will be adding new features in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to see presented here please let me know by emailing me. Thanks!

Civil War...1861 - 1865

Spanish American War...1898

World War I...1917 - 1918

World War II...1941 - 1945

Korean War...1950 - 1953


Desert Storm -Persian Gulf - Iraq...1991 -

National Military Gravesite Locator

Florida's Hometown Heroes and More

Women In Military From The Revolution To Today

       Confederate States of America Postage Stamp           
       C S A Pension Files

World War I   1917-1918

       William R. Young Nov 28 1888 - Nov 4 1957.  (see Young bio)

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