A Bit of Levy County History

Thanks goes out to Tom Parker for the above photo.

Our county was named for David Levy Yulee, who distinguished himself by serving as one of the first two US Senators from Florida.  He served  two terms, 1845-1851 and 1855-1861.

Levy County drew land from Alachua and Marion Counties to create this new county as our state was gaining statehood.  Bronson became the county seat.  

The seat remained in Bronson but the courthouse changed over time.  The first one was built in 1874.  It was replaced in 1906 by one designed after the courthouse in Starke. The third and final courthouse to date was built in 1937 using some of the materials saved from the 1906 building.   Space always becomes a priority and in more recent years an addition was necessary.

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