Hunting Adventures

Let's explore our ancestors hunting habits. How successful were they? Were they simply trying to put food on the table for their families, or just hunting for sport? Perhaps there were some mishaps along the way. Below is the name of an article followed by a surname where applicable and date. 

A Week of Hunting and Fishing Inglis, Anderson, Bell, Bigelow 1908 View
A Very Large Deer Peters, Fort 1914 View
A Four Days' Hunt Hocker, Radford 1897 View
Enjoyed Their Hunting Trip Jackson, Robinson 1891 View
A Great Sportsman Jackson 1891 View
While Out Hunting, Horse Takes Leave Sutton, Boothby 1801 View
Boys Kill Fifteen Rabbits 1891 View
Hunting Panthers 1891 View
Boy Kills First Deer Raulerson 1891 View
Killed Five Bears In One Week Trotter, Elzey 1883 View
Enjoying  Season of Duck Shooting
Reagan, Porter

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