President – C. W. McElroy, Judson

Secretary – J. Cox, Bronson



Bronson…D. U. Marstellar, president; C. M. Barco, secretary

Blitch…W. H. H. Blitch, president; N. B. Plummer, secretary

Cow Pen Seat…C. D. Craig, president

Elzey…C. D. Parkenson, president; Isham Thornton, secretary

Iron Sink…Louis Appel, president; J. L. Barrow, secretary

Johnson…W. H. Stephens, president; L. E. Johnson, secretary

Liberty…J. L. Curry, president; Wm. Watts, secretary

Orange Hill…Hon. N. A. Blitch, president; Geo. W. Willis, secretary

Pine Level…J. T. Allen, president; J. W. Durrance, secretary

Riverside…J. M. Love, president; G. W. Fletcher, secretary

Rocky Hammock…S. H. Worthington, president; W. G. Hudson, secretary

Privilege…Jos. Plummer, president; L. Bryan, secretary

Shell Pond…no data  added

Union…Isaac Swindal, president; C. C. Swindal, secretary

Way Key…John B. Smith, president; J. H. Davies, secretary


Source: Times Democrat: 9-10-1891
Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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