Petition For License

Petition For License…To the honorable Board of County Commissioners in and for the county of Levy, State of Florida...

F. Edwards, Jr of said county of Levy respectively asks your Honorable Body to grant to him a license to sell spiriteus liquors, wines and beer in Election District No. 4, of said county of Levy, as is provided by an act of the Legislature of the said State of Florida, entitled, an Act to regulate the sale of liquors, wines and beer in the State of Florida by the Board of County Commissioners of the several counties, which act was approved on the 27th day of February, 1882; and the undersigned registered voters of said District No. 4 respectively asks that you Honorable Body will grant to F. Edwards, Jr, the right to sell such liquors, wines and beer.

S. L. Cendry, Adison Hall, John Hutcherson, Dan McClellan, Floyd his x mark Cowyer, James x Stewart, Henry x Hall, I. H. x Hawkins, Madison x Williams, Wash x Bruce, T. C. Cooper, M. W. x Sexton, Abram x Brown, Jasper Dell, J. A. Young, Daniel x Bird, S. D. x Erane, Daniel x Herns, Mat x Bishop, Prince x Albert, William Wilson, Doe x Gainey, B. F. Acey, R. M. Dozier, G. W. Camber, Wm. Canty, Wm. Kinslow, S. H. Sparks, A. E. x Williams, John x Cambridge, John x Joshua, S. B. Bryant, R. C. Collins, Charles x White, Allen Graves, Robt. X Agent, Reubin x Anderson, John x Warren, Cyrus x Washington, S. C. Reddick, John H. Sutton, B. Baratte, Jeroam Wilson, Lewis x Jackson, Leo L. Hodges, Isreal Steward, Ben Howard, George Williams, Harry x Hollins, Frank Michael, W. H. Geiger, C. J. Bradshaw, John Hall, C. W. Webster, J. L. Cotrell Archer x Jones,  Robert x Owens, Elleson  Thompson, Bailey x Scott, John x McLeod, Ed Tyre, W. H. Haynes, Alford x Jackson, Silvester Sistrunk, Joe Sharers, James Laberth, C. A. Gritlin, John Hamilton, Edward x Giles, J. McBryde, W. D. Finlayson, Chas. H. Benson, Bradshaw x Campbell, Peter x Walker, George x James, Wm x Lewis, R. T. Daniels, James x Harris, Thomas x Davis, M. Rivers, Jack Cloud, George Williams, Ned x Campbell, W. D. Fagan, Washington Anderson, David x Moore, Vincent x Moore, James Means, William Ginn, L. x Shibroe, John Pattison, E. S. Elliott, John Johnson, N. M. Bishop, Sidney L. Kemp, Berry B. Brown, W. R. Berryhill, Frank L. Freeman, John Patterson, Mitchell x Boyd, Richard Collins, Dave Depew, Henry x McGinness, Isaac x Richburg, Charles H. Haynes, F x Miles, Wilson x Brown, Willis Abrams, Richard x Berry, George x Wildre, A. L. Crumpton, W. G. Barnes, W. H. Barnes, Wm. Blackwood, W. L. Thomas, Wm. Barton, Ben Blackshear, Wm. Young, Robt. X Hall, John R. Smith, Calvin Blanch, L. A. Simpson, Toby Smith, G. W. Wyms, Jake x Mitchell, John W. Mooney, S. E. Barnett, Wm. T. McCreary, Frank Furstnow, F. E. Hale, James Green, J. F. McQueen, C. H. Henly, John Williams, C. W. Felder, Geo. D. Packard, Steve x Campbell, Stephen x Brown, Josh x Wright, B. F. Luttrell, J. N. Crevass, John W. Crevans, T. E. Bozeman, J. B. Lewis, Wash x Tape, J. D. Dancy, Thos. X. Jackson, Judge Farley, A. B. Robinson, C. W. Harens, Henry Walker, Thomas Corburn, Robt. McCray, George Williams, Henry Kelly, G. H. Williams, H. M. Dorsett, Lisborn x Robinson, Wm. M. Shemwell, Henry Corburn, Sam Porter, Eugene Coons, E. W. Cale, Sol Cannon, John Doke, W. G. Stroud, W. Norris, Moses Barr, D. T. Rolf, Joseph x Williams, C. E. French, Riley Lewis, S. C. Gause, Ben x Carter, Martin Brown, Hamp Kuig, R. L. Mccall, Charley Mitchell, Jesse Kenedy, D. L. Moore, Shelton McIntyre, Dan McQueen, George Depew, Christ Ahrens, B. W. Flota, J. M. Andrews, J. B. Waits, Garett Elkins, J. R. Mitchell, Geo. W. Young, J. C. McCain, Wm. X Alberry.

Above signatures were witnessed by J. M. Driver and A. C. Porter.

 E. L. Cotrell, witnessed by R. A. Coachman and A. C. Porter; R. A. Coachman, witnessed by E. L. Cottrell and A. C. Porter; Clandion x James, witnessed by Ben Blackshear; Giles x Hearns, witnessed by S. L. Condry and A. C. Porter; A. C. Porter, witnessed by Wm. M. Shemwell and J. M. Driver; Ollie Roberts, witnessed by R. A. Coachman and A. C. Porter; Charles A. Smith, witnessed by Frank Furstnow and A. C. Porter; Rufus Hodges, witnessed by A. C. Porter and R. A. Coachman; J. B. Lutterloh, witnessed by Jas. Smith and A. C. Porter; W. M. Moore, witnessed by R. A. Coachman and J. M. Driver; E. T. Lomas, witnessed by J. M. Driver and R. A. Coachman; Allen x Brown, witnessed by R. A. Coachman and A. C. Porter.

State of Florida…Levy County

Personally appeared before me F. Edwards, Jr., who being duly sworn says he is the applicant for license to sell liquors, wines and beer in the forgoing petition and that every name or mark affixed to such petition was the act and deed of the party purporting to have signed the same and that said signing was in the presence of at least two credible witnesses and that there was no fraud, bribery or deception in procuring said signatures or marks to such petition.


Sworn to and subscribed before me March 10, 1891.

Notary Public State of Florida at Large.

Source: Levy Times Democrat: 3-26-1891

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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