Let's follow our ancestors as they moved in and out of Levy County. As new opportunities presented itself...our ancestors picked up and moved...allowing a better life for their families. Do you have any information about a move made by your ancestors? If so, consider passing it along to help your fellow researchers and help perserve the history of the county. Thanks!  

Appointment Forces Move Perry 1906 View
Leaving Levy County for Pinellas County Shaw 1918 View
Scare of Fever Forces Mass Movings 1882 View
Back Home Again Shands 1904 View
New Position Brings Move Beal, Morrison 1912 View
Moved To Ocala For Better Position Sneller, Davis, Moore 1918 View
Accepted Similiar Postion Elsewhere Lee, Wade, McArthur 1901 View
Has Moved To A Farm Sheppard, Lastinger 1912 View
Moving For Better Schooling Opportunities Washburn, Tuttle, Sebring 1906 View
Children Will Board With Sister At Polk Co. To Attend School Jones, Lewis 1906 View
Pays Visit To Former Home Here Prevatt 1906 View
Moved To Cedar Keys To Start New Business Blitch, Cotrell 1912 View
Moved To Jacksonville To Manage Company Morton 1912 View
Moving To Albion Due To New Position Ross, Camp 1897 View
Moving Into Town  For Children's Education Prevatt 1906 View
Came Back For A Visit Hodgson 1893 View
County Treasurer Will Move To Desoto County Saunders, Colson 1905 View
Moved To Allow Children A New School Lanier 1900 View
Moves To New Location Pierce 1920 View
To Build Fine New Home Kellmer 1891 View
Mother and Son Move To New Location Tifton 1900 View
Moving To Madison County Mixson 1907 View
Left Newton For Gainesville Folks 1907 View
Sells Newspaper To Follow His Dream
Moving For A More Lucrative Practice Tison 1909 View
Has Moved Back Home Wayne 1891 View
Moved To Tampa Smith 1892 View

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