Levy County, Florida Fallen Officers

Below is a list of "Fallen Officers" for Levy County. If you have knowledge of others that are not included on this list, please send them to me so they can be added to the list.  By clicking on the "Link" button you will be taken to the Officer Down Memorial Page from where this list originates.  You may email me at addess below. Thank You!

End of Watch Name Position Department Cause of Death Link
January 28, 1945 A. Haygood Ellzey Deputy Sheriff's Department Gunfire
June 12, 1906 Isaac N. Chance* Marshall Unk Stabbing

* Isaac N. Chance is currantly not listed on the Officer Down Website. The Levy County Sheriff's Department is reveiwing new information recently found in old historical newspapers by myself. Until this finding can be fully evaluated the information shown above will remain here on this site only.

** Marshall I. N. Chance was stabbed in the heart by Gabe Priest, who was charged with his murder. Mr. Priest was later found not guilty of this murder.
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