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Join me and discover Levy County's progression through the decades. If you would like to share a story of how the county developed through the eyes of your ancestors into what it is today please consider doing so. Your help is greatly needed to keep the history of Levy County alive!.

New, Important Phosphate Port Highly Praised Teague, Buttgenbach 1904 View
A. C. L. To Change Proposed Route 1912 View
To Take Out Timber Moorhead 1913 View
Williston To Have 15 Ton Ice Factory Weaf, Henson, Stevens 1926 View
New Development Planned For Bronson Epperson, Osteen, Sale 1925 View
Differences Cause Delay For Coastline Extension Wade 1912 View
Large Cargo of Phoshate Being Loaded Alfred 1912 View
Inglis - A Great Port Cubberly 1907 View
Shipped More Hard Rock Than Any Other Port In Fla. Marsburn 1906 View
ACL To Change Proposed Route Thru County 1912 View
Watch Levy County As It Grows
1912 View
Port Inglis Leads in Shipments
1906 View
Railroad Will Replace Timber 1913 View
Telephone Lines Installed 1905 View
Dredging Almost Complete Stevens, Kibler 1901 View
Surveying For Railroad 1906 View
Railroad Runs Between Mines and Gulf 1903 View
Thousands of Acres of Levy Co. Land Being Bought and Sold Ludditigton 1903 View
Bronson On A Boom 1903 View
Port Inglis Begins New Construction Cubberly 1904 View
Extension of Road is Approved 1892 View
Immense Improvements Being Made Burt, Knott 1900 View

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