Business Minded

Let's look at some of the businesses that were operating in Levy County in the early years. Perhaps you will find a relative who owned their own business. Below I have the name of an article, surname, if any, and date.

Lumber Business Improving Gunn 1909 View
Buys Turpentine Business For Resale Hargraves, Herren 1903 View
Health Issues Forces Business Change Beville, Chesser 1905 View
Attorney Now Insurance Agent Willis 1906 View
On A Business Trip Osborne, Morrison 1908 View
Progressive Merchants Proctor, Smith 1906 View
Bank of Chiefland's VP Visits Tampa Clyatt 1920 View
Former Merchant Pays A Visit Hodgson 1893 View
Now in Turpentine at Otter Creek Usher, Ferguson 1913 View
Brick Mason Work at Montbrook McMahan, Wade, McArthur 1900 View
A Hustling Business Man Of Williston Epperson 1906 View
Newly Discovered Phosphate at Archer Morton 1900 View
Has Left Grocery Business For Turpintine Usher, Ferguson 1907 View
Buys Out Rival Stores Stock Fant, Merrell 1901 View
Business Man Has Visit From Son DeLand 1906 View
New Turpentine Business Established Hargraves 1903 View
Otter Creek's Unemployment Not All That Bad Clyatt 1908 View
Physician and Surgeon For Cedar Key Vincent 1893 View
Accepts Position At Postoffice Whitman 1925 View
Motor Company Changes Hands Brush, Rogers, Hardee 1925 View
Is Furnishing An Up-To-Date Newspaper Hale 1904 View
A Progressive Merchant Bean 1906 View
Local Paper Has New Editor and New Name Fackler 1901 View
A Move For Lumber Company Superintendent Pierce 1920 View
Recently Resigned Due To Health Clyatt, Munroe, Chamblis 1904 View
Contractor Begins Work On Two Buildings Stewart 1891 View
Slander Alledged In Campaign Morton, Carter, Jackson 1907 View
Purchases Millinery Stock Webster, Groves 1901 View
Enlarges Barber Shop Nottles 1900 View
Keeping The Public Cool Tousey, Coursey 1891 View
New Blacksmith and Wagon Shop Denham, Ollison 1892 View
Engaged In Business At Newtown Epperson 1909 View
Cedar Key Mayor Pays A Visit
Mercantile Business Moves
Will Make Cross Ties
Engaged In Business
Simpson, Woodward
Buys Meat Market And Will Supply Own Beef Smith, Perryman 1891 View
Partners In Saw Mill Pedrick, Roberts 1907 View

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