David U. Marsteller

David U. Marsteller was born in Lehigh county, Pa., on the 12th of March 1834. There were 10 children in the family, two brothers and three sisters still living.

His life was a checkered one. Being of a roaming disposition, in his youth he joined a whaling expedition to the northern seas, where the nights are weeks in length. He had some narrow escapes. Once his boat was thrown out of the water by a whale and he and his companions capsized. None of them good swimmers, Mr. Marsteller caught hold of the boat and his two companions held him by the feet until help came from the ship.

In his travels he visited Asia and Africa. For some time he was in the far west of America and was engaged in stage driving in Idaho, before the time of railroads in that region. He drove eight horses, was much harassed by Indians and had several narrow escapes.

He entered the U. S. Navy about 1865 and remained three years. His health failing he was placed in the hospital at Pensacola, Fla., whence he was discharged and returned to his native state and was married to Miss Amanda George.

In West Bethlehem he held the office of Supt. of the steel works until the company failed and Mr. Marsteller suffered considerable financial loss. After the steel works failed he went into the mining business with his brother in New Jersey. His brother died suddenly and he again lost about all his possession.

He now returned to West Bethlehem and assisted his wife, who for some time had been engaged in the mercantile business. He was an active worker in the temperance cause, consistent in his principles, winning the respect even of his opponents. From youth until death he was a consistent member of the Lutheran church.

His health failing he sought an asylum in Florida, coming to Bronson about fifteen years ago. He gained the esteem of his neighbors and while the town was incorporated was its efficient mayor. Though an invalid, he has succeeded in building a fine home and orange grove.

Note: Mr. Marsteller passed away in his sleep November 1891 (see obituary)

Source: Times Democrat: 11-12-1891

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