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The Iceman Cometh - Or He Used To, Anyway
In days gone by, the iceman with his "whoa," "giddyap," and the blocks of crystal - clear ice he brought to nearly every house, was a part of community life. Three Lakeland youngsters-Mary, Bruce and Marty Delozier, ran accross this old photo of  their grandfather, William Alfred Damon, who was the Lakeland iceman for many years. Here Mr. Damon, right, stands beside his helper, who isn't identified. The big mule, with blinders to block his side vision, seems bored with it all. The photo was believed taken on North Iowa, close to Oak or Bay St., in the late 1920's.

The above attachment you might find of interest. It is a picture of my father Alfred Damon born in 1900 and was printed in the Lakeland Ledger many years back. I'm sure you knew what that ice was all about because I sure do. Alfred's mother was Esther Lewis, born 1874 in Montbrook and raised there by her father Brunson Lewis and mother Sarah Wiggins Lewis and six brothers and sisters. I love the picture because it says so much about the past. Brunson and Sarah are buried in Montbrook (Williston) and some of their grown children are buried there also. I believe they are buried in the Plummer Cemetery in Montbrook.

I found the one relative buried there named Darlington Lewis Strickland (died 1928) and her husband Henry Strickland... A relative said the headstone of Sarah Wiggins Lewis simply read "SARAH, WIFE OF B. L. LEWIS".... 

My uncle Elmer also born in Montbrook in 1895 and raised there said the Lewis family had a family burial plot there...


Well, I did pay a visit to Plummer Cemetery in Monthbrook, Fl and found the grave of Sarah Wiggins Lewis, my great grandmother. It is believed her husband Brunson L Lewis who is my great grandfather is buried beside her in an unmarked grave. Also buried there is their daughter Darlington (Dollie) Lewis Strickland and their son Marian G Lewis. Other relatives are buried there also.

It was also determined that Brunson L Lewis first came to Florida in 1835 to fight in the Seminole War. He returned to South Carolina and in 1847 (not 1850) returned to Florida with his first wife Sarah Taylor Lewis and 3 children born at the time. Because of Brunson’s Seminole War service, he was granted 160 acres of land in Ocala. Florida did not become a state until 1845, so it is likely Brunson Lewis was the first American to own land in Ocala.

Above information and photo was submitted by Barabara...GGrandaughter of Brunson L. Lewis

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