Yankee Town Springs Up

We used to read, when the western gold fever was on, and the tide of immigration set in, of towns springing up overnight all over Florida. Not far from Crystal River, one pompous town has sprung up as by magic, scarcely four months old, out of its swaddling’s, with fine hotel, modern to the minute, beautifully furnished, with more guests, some two hundred, than can be found in some large cities, with thirteen cottages and fifty thousand dollars with more to be built soon; beautiful grounds, golf and other recreations being laid out.

Without scarcely any advertisement, northern people are flocking in as if by airplane.  And the great wonder is, what’s the cause of it all? The answer is, combination of brain and capital with natures rich resources. The man behind this enterprise is A. F. Knotts, native of Ohio, but recently from Gary, Ind., an attorney by profession, for 25 years was with the U. S. Steel Co., which built Gary, Ind., once a member of the Indiana legislature, a member of several civic organizations, this is the man who put on the Florida map, this new, vigorous town, dubbed by the neighbors, Yankee town, on account of so many Yankees coming there all of a sudden, in that quiet, slumbering, bewitching fairyland upon the banks of the smiling Withlacoochee (so called by the Indians, on account of the river being deep and narrow). Mr. Knott had been coming to Florida for several winters, hunting, fishing, etc. when about a year ago he discovered this charming spot, while out hunting with a guide, located along the Withlacoochee river, on down to the Gulf, below Port Inglis and he secured some four or five thousand acres of Florida’s best lands there located. Clustering in the elbow of the Withlacoochee and the Gulf lies the four or five thousand acres of natures choicest hunting grounds. Mr. Knott purchased, which he designs to convert into a “Hunters Paradise.” Doubtless Yankeetown will ere long be one of Florida’s most popular winter resorts.

Source: Tampa Tribune: 5-26-24

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