Storm At Cedar Keys

The Telegraph of the 11th informs us that the most terrific storm ever experienced at that place commenced on Sunday night the 8th inst. The wind during the day before varied from W. to N. W., shifting back and forward, and during the storm continued to change from point to point, differing from the usual equinoxial gale, which commences in the E. and N. E. and works his way south. The quantity of water that fell in 30 hours amounted to 25 inches. The greatest quantity heretofore given by the same record, kept for 18 years, was 8 inches.

“Another distinguished characteristic observable between this and the usual autumnal, and all other of our accustomed storms, was that no other extraordinary effect was produced on the tides, which rose no higher than ordinary full spring tides. The force and long continuance of preliminary Easterly winds—bringing into the Gulf, the waters of the Atlantic, with their superincumbent masses and currants, were wanting to produce the overwhelming tides sometimes experienced in Equinoxial storms.”

“The effects of such a fall of water in so short a period on the low-flat grounds extending along the Gulf Coast, can easily be comprehended, The masses flowing in from the adjacent higher regions, added to such an accumulated quantity, in their own locations, can only result in a general inundation of such lands, and prove destructive to crops, whether of Cotton, Sugar, or other vegetable growth.”

The Telegraphs continues:

“The overwhelming and irresistible force of such a deluge swept away the embankments in some places, and in others seriously impaired them. Our country roads are submerged, and in short, so far as our connections with the main land are concerned, we are “non est cunalibus.”

“There is but little present consolation in the fact (yet it gives comfort in the future) that there is no record or knowledge of such a lamentable and disastrous storm. 

Source: Floridian and Journal: 8-18-1860

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