Blitchton and its People- 1903

This story continues from the 1903 sketch of Morriston previously transcribed.

In keeping with a promise long deferred we met Dr. S. H. Blitch at Morriston, returned home with him and spent Sunday with his delightful family.

The improvements made during out last visit several years ago were marked in the growth of the beautiful shade trees that Dr. Blitch had set on in the front of his yard and office and on along the street and walk to the pretty country church and the school house just beyond.

The grounds around have been cleared of stumps and the trees are growing firmly and in a few years there will not be a more attractive spot in Marion county. This act demonstrates what Dr. Blitch has been striving to teach the people of his community ever since he homesteaded there in 1879 and made the first improvements on the place.

He has left his impress on his people, set them an example that they are following, in all the civil virtues and Christian graces he so nobly exemplifies in his daily walk and conversation among them. The doctor is not only the family physician for all the country around about, but is their sought advisor in almost everything that applies to their business. When in doubt or trouble they seek him and he never turns them away without an encouraging word or a helping hand. This statement is equally true of the colored population. This season the doctor has demonstrated what can be done in caring for hogs. Last summer he had several litters of pigs, twenty odd in number; they were wee bits of things. He turned them into his mulberry orchard, part of which he had planted to pindars. With plenty of water and feed  they have grown wonderfully and now most of them if killed would dress 100 pounds each. This shows that it pays to care for stock and there is money in it for those who will apply the first rule that is essential to success.

Sunday afternoon, though a disagreeable day, a slight rain falling, at the church were forty persons to attend the Sunday school services, the beauty of which consisted in fathers and families bringing all of their household and taking a lively interest in the lesson.

Mr. George Turner of Gaiter was a visitor and made an earnest and impressive talk on the lesson studied.

Sunday night, late, the doctor had a professional call from the “Folks” neighborhood, but as he does not go out at night except in extreme cases, his visit was deferred until Monday morning, when the editor of the Star accompanied the genial physician, taking in Romeo on the way, where we had the pleasure of meeting J. D. Turner, one of the young merchants of the place. Romeo boasts of several business houses, the leader of them is said to be that of Mr. Wesley Nobles.

In closing we desire to thank the people of the sections visited for their good opinion of the Star and the liberal patronage extended the paper, both in subscriptions and job work, and the many kindnesses extended the representative.

Source: Ocala Evening Star: 1-29-1903

Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers


Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by Linda Flowers

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