A Florida War Incident

The following item appeared in the Gainesville Cotton Plant in 1864:

 “On the 14th  about fifty deserters, commanded by yankee officers, made a raid in Levy county, in the neighborhood of Levyville, taking all of the negroes, mules and horses belonging to T. N. Clyatt, W. W. Clyatt, M. F. Clyatt, M. N. Clyatt, Mrs. Clyatt and Thos. J. Allen, also four men from J. S. Turner, four men from F. C. Love and a horse and buggy from John G. Jackson. They took all the horses, mules, wagons, carts and buggies that they found and even took the only horse that a poor soldiers’ wife had to make support for herself and nine children.

 “They stripped most places they visited of bed clothes and provisions, leaving them entirely destitute of food and clothing.

 “They were mounted on horses captured from the citizens and declared their intentions to overrun the counties east of the Suwannee and represented their force to be between three and four hundred.

 “A negro man that escaped from them reports that they shot W. W. Clyatt after they captured him. We have not been able to hear of the contrary between Levyville and No. 4.

 “It is to be hoped that our troops will succeed in capturing the scoundrels.”

 Source: Ocala Banner: 11-2-1906

 Transcribed, Formatted and Submitted by LInda Flowers

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