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What kind of illnesses were our ancestors dealing with and what diseases threatened their lives? Who had the misfortune of an  accident? The answers can be found here. Follow your ancestors  day to day life fighting sickness and disease. Below you will find the name of an article followed by the surname and date. 

Sick With Typhoid Fever Wood 1905 View
Catches Arm in Machinary Carter, Medlin 1906 View
Confined to Home Colson 1891 View
Accident at Inglis Scott 1905 View
A Painful Accident Hendon, Marales, Masters,Wells 1905 View
Injured By Torpedo Laney 1912 View
Not Expected To Recover Carter 1906 View
Small Pox in Levy Lartigue 1900 View
Car Runs Over Ankle Smith 1900 View
Has Badly Swollen Face Sutton 1892 View
Still Confined to Bed Coulter 1891 View
Weight Loss As Result Of Illness Willis 1909 View
Improving From The Grippe Peacock 1906 View
Improving Slowly Marchburn 1912 View
Judge Suffers Stroke Anderson 1912 View
Critically Ill With Typhoid Fever Robinson, Hood 1917 View
Seeking Treatment in Arkansa Clyatt 1913 View
Judge Undergoes Operation at 82 Pedrick 1913 View
Small Pox Stamped Out in Levy Latigue 1900 View
Cuts Toe Nearly Off Harrod 1891 View
Injured For Life by Falling Timber Brown 1909 View
Ill With Malaria Trammell 1905 View
Poisoning While Swimming DeLand 1906 View
A Serious Accident
Inglis, Davis
Health Much Improved
Zewadski. Vezey
Stricken With Paralysis
Parents Seek Help For Ill Baby Sutton, Gunter 1906 View

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