Who were the movers and shakers of Levy County during your ancestors day? Maybe some were involved in shaping the county. Let's take a look at some of the old news-papers and see who were the politicians of the day! Below is the name of the article followed by surnames and date. If you have any newspaper articles that pertains to this feature, please consider sending it in for submission. You will of course be given full credit for your effort. Thanks!

Challenged To A Debate Morton, Stockton 1908 View
Former Treasurer Pays A Visit Colson, Saunders 1908 View
Appointed Sheriff Armstrong, Randall 1901 View
Candidate For State Senator Farmer, Stocton 1904 View
Enters Race for Railroad Commissioner Blitch, Rogers, Browne, Burr,
Appleyard, Bailey
1906 View
New Appointments Nelson, Manners, Cubberly 1909 View
Former Levy Co. Tax Assessor Apple 1907 View
New District Judge Forgone Conclusion Wilson, Shepard, Cubberly,Reese, Buford 1907 View
Levy County Senatorial Election Willis, Morton 1907 View
Elected Senator Willis, Carter, Farmer, Morton 1907 View
Political Rally at Inglis Clark 1924 View
A True Alianceman Blitch 1891 View
Levy Co. Election Results Willis, Williams, Epperson,
Price, Phillips, Farmer
1908 View
City Councilman
 Samuel Forrester 1876-1877

D. P. McKenzie Dem. House of Representatives 1945-1951
Political Picnic is Great Success Stockton, Brown 1903 View
Levy Co Man Runs For Senate Farmer 1907 View

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